Energy Healing Appointments

Specialty Sessions

  • Pre-Op Surgery: Clearing of the Operating Room and completion of your surgery. Performed with surgeon and anesthesiologist “present in the etheric realm” prior to your actual surgery. My clients report “text-book” surgery results.
  • Grief Clearing: Releasing of sadness from loss of loved ones, so you can move on with your life. Clients report a total change, lightness of being, ability to move on.
  • Release of Current & Past-Life Traumas, Genetic Programming (inherited patterns): Results in changes to your etheric structure and the ability to move on to higher consciousness work.

*The greatest success is achieved in energy work when we commit to self-change for our highest good. This requires moving into purity of heart, and taking responsibility for our thoughts, actions and intentions. We are all capable of taking quantum leaps into higher consciousness. Working with an energy healer who can plug into higher vibrations can help give us jump-starts. Energy work on a regular basis can move us on our higher-path at an astounding rate.

Energy Healing / Lightbody Talioring Sessions

(Chakra and Energy-Body Healing) These sessions can be customized to your specific needs! (i.e. preparation for upcoming marathon, board meeting, workshop presentation, etc.)  *This work combines a variety of modalities I have worked with over the years, along with my own unique healing abilities and style.  Any of the above Specialty Sessions can be incorporated into your session.

By Appointment – sessions last approximately one to  1.5 hours.

Please go to Pay Online  to view Energy Healing appointment prices.

Full Spectrum Cleansing, Clearing, Anchoring, Balancing and Energizing of the whole-body system using color, light, sound, mudras, and vibration to help stabilize and advance the development of your energy anatomy. Etheric surgery can be performed when necessary to repair tears in chakras and etheric templates. See Lightbody Tailoring for more information on my work.

Expect to encounter positive (and possibly amazing) changes in your life after these sessions.

◆ Note:  There is a full session charge for missing an appointment without prior notification. Please call 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

Located in West El Paso off Thunderbird / Shadow Mountain
For Information, call Connie at (915) 227-2604

Connie in Hollywood
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