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logoConnie, the Lightbody Tailor, offers classes in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM.  Workshops are occasionally offered in Los Angeles as well.


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What’s coming this June 2014

Develop Your Sensitivity to Aura Bodies

In this playful hands-on class, you will learn how to see and sense each other’s auras (emanations surrounding our body). Thru experimentation on self and each other, you will discover what you are looking for in order to perceive auras.

During this six-hour class, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences and to ask questions.

Learn the Art of Energy Healing

This introductory level class will answer the following: What is energy healing?  How and why does it work? What are the effects or results on our bodies? How does one develop profound healing abilities? How can self-healing occur while awake or asleep? What learning resources are available to help become a healer?

During this four-hour class, you will have the opportunity to experience receiving energy healing and to ask questions.  Expect inspiration and fun while learning from Connie, the Lightbody Tailor.

Powerful and Productive Meditation the Easy Way

Many of us have extremely active minds that simply won’t quiet down.  During this three-hour class, you will learn thru various meditation activities, how to use that powerhouse mind of yours as a productive tool to create positive changes and manifest your desires!

Connie, the Lightbody Tailor, has learned both Eastern and Western styles of meditation and understands that if we have to struggle with meditation and we don’t enjoy it, we probably won’t meditate!  So let’s turn meditation into an activity we find truly worthwhile!

Schedule for Classes:

Sat, June 14
Meditation:    9am – Noon
Healing:          12:30-4:30

Sat, June 21
Meditation:    9am – Noon

Sat, June 28
Aura Body Sensitivity: 9am -3pm
(1-hr lunch break at 11:30)

EPCC – Administrative Services Center, *Bldg B, RM 128
9050 Viscount, El Paso, TX  79925
*Go to BACK building, where Culinary Arts & Cosmetology is held

DACC – Work Force Center, RM 123
2345 E Nevada Ave, Las Cruces, NM  88001
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Other Class Offerings in El Paso

I hold classes in the following locations:

The Dojo, 3221 Sacramento Ave.
Light Center, 810 Gato Rd (Upper Valley).

Possible classes:
COURAGE in the face of FEAR & ANXIETY

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Lightbody Tailor Workshops are always unique!  I do not teach a specific healing modality.  Instead I encourage you to discover your own distinctive healing talent. What you will learn depends on what knowledge and vibration you are ready to receive.  Expect to be taken to a higher level of understand and new perceptions.  If you are new to energy healing, you will be astounded to discover its powers, richness, and depths.  If you are already advanced, my workshop will take your healing work to greater heights, using your imagination and creativity, as you open to new possibilities.

Ontario, CA workshop

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Connie Reuschlein, originally from Madison WI, learned her fundamental healing techniques from a Brazilian healer in the early ’90s. She teaches light-energy healers new ways of perceiving and influencing the client’s energetic anatomy. Her goal is to help energy healers achieve profound results quickly and to help recipients take quantum leaps into their evolving lightbodies, while moving fully into their unique, authentic selves. Connie (aka the Lightbody Tailor) holds monthly Healing Circle gatherings alternating between El Paso and Las Cruces, a monthly El Paso Healers and Heroes Relaxation Clinic, workshops in Los Angeles, and private healing and distance sessions.


*Free Demonstrations:  Energy Healing Mini-Sessions

Would you like to experience an energy healing session and/or watch others receiving them?  I will spend approximately 10 minutes on participants from the audience. The process will relax you, get your energy (and circulation) flowing, harmonize and balance your chakras (energy vortexes), and expand your light sphere. Each experience is unique, depending on your needs and intentions. This is an opportunity to release and let go of old thought patterns and replace them with new intentions and desires. Watch as the serenity appears on recipients faces!  I teach while performing my work, so expect to learn while watching and receiving healing energies! I may not get to work on everyone, but you will find it amazing to observe healings!  Even being in the room during the sessions has an effect on you. Presented by Connie, the Lightbody Tailor.
*Contact me to set up a lecture for your organization.


Connie is amazing!  I had such a cleansing [during Demo Mini-Healing Session], I was transported to another world!  While she is in Los Angeles, book your light body treatment with her!
Alma Bella, Owner: Acupuncture and Beyond, Los Angeles, CA

Woohooo! Cough is gone and knee pain is gone! Thank you and everyone in the class [Transforming the Lightworker] for the healing.
Patricia, El Paso TX/span>

Playful Meditation for Busy People

So what’s the big deal with meditation? HOW does it benefit me? WHY is it more difficult than I had anticipated? Is there an easy way to meditate?  In this class you will learn what meditation is really about, along with easy, practical solutions for overcoming those hurdles of mind chatter. Discover why our personal ego goes into “overdrive” as soon as we attempt to quiet it. Find out methods to trick the ego mind into cooperating. And what about “medi-napping”? Can it be that easy? Let’s turn Meditation into a playful experience! Join Connie, the Lightbody Tailor, for a few hours of exhilarating fun!
*Contact me to set up a meditation class.