The Sessions

We all hold the Inner Power & Wisdom to Heal Ourselves.

But having someone who is a conduit (channel) to Divine Masters perform a healing can help quicken this process and bring it about more powerfully. Working with an energy healer who can plug into higher vibrations can help give us jump-starts into higher states of consciousness.

❖ My sessions are always fun, fascinating, and self-empowering!  You will learn much and be given new tools to move you into higher perceptions.

All Energy Healing sessions include:
  • Phase 1 ~ Chakra Expansion
  • Phase 2 ~ Aura Detox & Recalibration
  • Intuitive Reading

*Intuitive Reading  Your chakras, energy fields, & body reveal information to me. This often involves teaching of spiritual information that my guides want to reveal to you. (There is no right or wrong, no judgment involved.)

*The greatest success is achieved in energy work when we commit to self-change for our highest good. This requires moving into purity of heart, and taking responsibility for our thoughts, actions and intentions. We are all capable of taking quantum leaps into higher consciousness.

Phase 1 ~ Chakra Repair & Expansion (1st hr)

Cleanse, Balance, & Expand your Chakras

★ This unique process repairs and balances the masculine and feminine chakra system, while providing Divinely channeled information about each chakra. Your tributaries of light connecting all the chakras are cleared, which brings your life back into synchronicity, and offers you greater self-empowerment!  Read more

Phase 2 ~ Aura Detox & Calibration (2nd hr)

Scans, Flushes, Fills, & Expands your whole field & body system

★ This is a profound technique downloaded to me from my Divine Masters that works on your whole being. Huge releases continue in this phase, allowing room for the filling of high frequency celestial light!  Deeply relaxing, fulfilling, and sometimes out-of-body or transcendent experience! Read more


I have been meditating and practicing spirituality for roughly 10 years. I have never seen anyone come close to Connie’s marvelous healing abilities. I have been going to her for 3 years for both in-house and distant healing sessions. I have enjoyed every one of her sessions and each have greatly healed or resolved an issue for me. They have helped me in all aspects of my life and healed various emotional, mental, physical problems and financial issues. I would highly recommend her healing sessions to all!!!  Thank you so much Connie!!!
Brian – Huntsville, Alabama, May 2015

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