Tips for Spiritual Growth

Tip #1: How to Overcome the Fear of Future (moving forward)

As an energy healer, I see “knee ailments” and to a lesser degree, discomfort in any of our joints, as a fear of moving forward in our life (or fear of future).  A Divine Master shared some interesting knowledge with me regarding this subject.

flameWhile I was working on a client’s knees, the Divine explained to me: “There is no past. There is no future… The past is memories. The future is dreams. All that exists is the present moment. Since there is no future, there can be no fear of future. All we need to do is draw our dreams into the present and watch them materialize!”

Here is the beauty of this wisdom: It completely removes any responsibility for fearing future, because future simply does not exist! It is like flipping a coin so that we see our world from a completely new perspective.

I visualize this process as seeing a kitchen cabinet in front of me filled with a wonderful selection of spices (dreams I want to bring into me life). I can choose what spice I want to take from the cabinet and bring into my present moment. This feels like drawing desires into my core, into my authentic self! Of course, I have to take notice that the dream I pull in fits in with my vibration (sense of purpose – what feels right to me).

Take a moment to contemplate or meditate on this concept. Then try it out for your self!

Tip #2: How to Share Your Personal Power (without giving it away!)

The Divine shared this vision with me, during a distance session with a client who was experiencing loss of personal power (energy depletion).
I like to call this the RED BLANKET technique:

  1. door-portal-xUsing your willful intention, take back all of your scattered and fragmented energies that you have given away… or that have been taken from you.
  2. Draw your energies back to your authentic self, your essence, your source. Sense your wholeness.
  3. Now visualize that you have been given a red blanket (your divine gift from source), which you wrap around yourself. Imagine that this blanket contains all of your glorious personal power in its true and complete essence!
  4. Now see yourself calling in those you want to share your personal power with. Imagine yourself opening your arms and drawing your red blanket of power around them. (I like imagining the Storyteller surrounded by her children.)
  5. Allow your power/your essence to nourish those wrapped (with you) in your blanket.
  6. When you are finished sharing your essence, simply open your blanket. This stops the flow of your power. Those present will automatically move out from within your sphere.

Essentially, you choose WHO you want to share your power with and FOR HOW LONG you want to share it. It is completely within your control. You do not give away your power. You do not let anyone take your power. You simply allow them into your sphere for as long as you choose. You then stop the flow of power when you decide.

Although the Red Blanket (or Red Robe) is a metaphor, it is a very helpful way to practice the technique of sharing your power with the grace of discernment!

fire-heartTip #3: Merge the Mind and Heart as ONE ❤

Learn to merge your mind and heart for decision making.
When you learn to “THINK with your HEART” and “FEEL with your MIND” you will discover that you have harmony between your intellect and emotions! …. no conflicts.

  1. Visualize your mind as a sphere of golden light in your head.
  2. Now visualize a golden sphere at your emotional center – the heart chakra ❤.
  3. Hold one hand out in front of your heart, palm up.
  4. Visualize or imagine pulling your mind and heart into that hand.
  5. Visualize your mind & heart merging as one into a bright golden sphere of light!

This concept was taught to me by Peggy Phoenix Dubro, founder of EMF Balancing Technique®.

Tip #4: Learn Non-Judgment for a Fuller, Richer Life

blue gemAs a healer, I have learned that non-judgment allows for very powerful healing results during a client’s session. When I practice non-judgment, I find my world is richer in colors, textures, and flavors!

Follow these tips to non-judgment:
Observe your thoughts and beliefs as judgments surface. Just observe them . . .
Do not attempt to judge your thoughts and beliefs!

➤ Discover ways to trick your mind:

  • Believe that your confrontations are there to give you situations to build your strength and compassion.
  • Believe that others are mirrors of parts of our self we don’t want to face.
  • Think about the possibility that what you see and experience is illusion.
  • Imagine that we create people and scenarios for our own learning benefit.
  • Remind yourself that even if you don’t believe the above tips, you are using the beliefs to trick your mind!

➤ Practice allowing:

Often we say we are willing to tolerate a person or situation. Notice that tolerance has a very different vibration from allowingTolerance builds a wall of discipline (and contains irritation), while allowing flows like liquid! Allowing, when practiced regularly, shifts us into non-judgment. Allowing creates rich colors and textures in our life, as we begin to recognize people and situations as “just different” from us.

Difference equals diversity. Diversity is like all those wonderful spices in our cabinet! We pick and choose different ones depending on the flavors we want for our meal at that moment! You wouldn’t say, “This spice is wrong or bad”. It just offers a different character or personality to the food! Observe life as wonderful diverse spices that we can enjoy or leave in the cupboard. We can choose the spices we want to enjoy. We can choose to be adventurous or risky and experience other spices as well!

gold heartgold heartDedicated to Golden Feathers
a.k.a. Two Rainbows

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