About Connie

Connie with husband & best friend, Dan

I’m originally from Madison, Wisconsin, then spent 15 years in El Paso, Texas, and now call south of Austin, Texas my home.

The world of metaphysics and esoteric healing is my passion and I am happy to share my knowledge and joyful experiences with you.
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As an eclectic Light/Aura/Energy Healer or “Lightbody Tailor”, I channel light/vibrations and sound, to gently manipulate the chakras & energy fields, to bring you into a state of harmony, balance, expansion, deep relaxation, and joy. The ultimate goal is to bring forth your authentic self… that place of confidence, esteem, passionate purpose, and extreme joy!

Noticing that healing our emotional-mental-spiritual bodies is a highly transformational process (due to the quickened evolution taking place), I orchestrate with divine guidance the stretching and refitting of our light bodies with “additional complex structuring” so that we can take on our greater responsibilities and unique gifts with far greater ease. . . . In other words, as we take on our newly acquired or greater responsibilities, we are being given our “customized light body suits” so that we acquire these qualities with greater ease!

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In my classes I teach playfulness, innocence (purity of heart), and the love of diversity (non-judgment) to those interested in self-healing or performing healing techniques so that they may be purer conduits for love and light.  If you attend my classes or have a private session with me, expect to develop new perceptions as you move into your multi-dimensional reality.[/box]

Check out the Healing Circle [Sorry, not currently offered] if you are interested in practical knowledge of healing work [watch for classes]. However, you might be looking for a different approach to self understanding and self-healing.  Private in-person or phone sessions with me are a truly profound experience. You will learn much to help you on your personal life journey.

Do you want to learn how to live joyfully? How to self-heal during sleep? How to rid yourself of karmic debt? How to communicate with your divine guides? My classes, lectures and workshops explore a variety of subjects, and include time for profound meditation exercises. We can explore different topics and concepts to help us on our evolutionary paths toward ascension and enlightenment.

If you have any specific spiritual development subjects that you would like to learn, please let me know and I will see if I can accommodate the need. If you are going to take part in any of my “learning & sharing” sessions, expect to have a light-hearted and wonderful time developing your spiritual anatomy!

INTERESTED in Classes? Workshops? Private Sessions? EMAIL Connie at
lightbodytailor@gmail.com or TEXT 915-227-2604

Constance Reuschlein Awarded Top Energy Healer of 2019 by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)