Frequently Asked

Why receive Energy Healing work?

The first and most basic step of a session: Receiving energy healing sessions aligns, clears, and balances your energy and chakra systems. When this happens, you became physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier and happier! You start noticing a more intense inner awareness of your wisdom, courage, focus, clarity, joy, etc. Most important, you begin aligning to your divine life purpose!

After this step, deeper and more profound work is done. What is accomplished in this next step depends on your unique needs. It is always a surprise to me and an amazing learning experience since each session is completely different. What ever takes place will be explained to you at your session’s completion.

What can I expect from an Energy Healing session?

Most sessions last approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. Fully clothed and comfortable, you rest on a padded practitioner table. If it is your first session, you may notice very little on the physical level. This is because you need to become “sensory” to the energies being sent through you. Even if you sense only slight changes, you still receive whatever healing energy is appropriate for you!

After a number of sessions, you will come to trust your intuition and instincts, and know that healing and balancing is taking place. You may begin to notice colors, symbols, soothing vibrations, or the flow of loving energy moving through your body. I will also educate you during and after your sessions on what is happening and what you can expect on this amazing personal journey within the depths of your being. You will begin to notice your life flowering with coincidences, new perceptions, happiness, and joy.

If you have never received energy work before, the results may seem subtle and very relaxing. No matter how you feel, work will have been done at great and deep levels. During Healing work, your Higher Conscious and Divine Masters work with you at the core level of your life issues. This can include past lives, genetic programming, old habits, etc.

The simplest way for me to explain it is this: When we are ready, we release our “old stuff” which I perceive as dense, heavy, lower vibrations. These vibrations (frequencies) are then replaced with higher vibrations of light, love and joy. Lower vibrations tend to show up in our physical form as dis-eases, emotional traumas, mental conflicts, etc.

The important key is “when we are ready”…. There are continually deeper layers for us to heal. Healing at greater depths moves us into higher and higher “lightness of being”. As this happens we begin to understand that we are truly light-beings! We move into are joys, our passions, our ability to manifest what we desire. What is amazing is how our desires become “I want to share my unique gift/passion/joy with others.” So service to humanity is simply sharing our unique abilities of self with the world!

Energy Healing work can be Customized to my needs?

Finding that every energy healing session is a unique experience, I have discovered that it is possible to customize each session to the recipient’s needs or desires (if the Divine Masters deem it appropriate).

You can receive divine preparation for an upcoming marathon, job interview, speaking engagement, etc. Since I am NOT the one deciding what you need (your Divine Masters decide this), I simply perform the intuited techniques and gestures while running divine energy through my body. I then observe the process and share this information with you, along with any divine messages that may come through.

The Divine Masters may decide to help you take on greater courage, responsibility, compassion, etc., and always with a greater ease than you currently experience! This is a very profound concept: Imagine being able to accomplish far more . . with greater ease!

What are Divine Master Healers?

Divine Master Healers are spiritual beings from higher realms that work through the energy worker’s body (heart, arms, hands, and throat) to deliver whatever is appropriate for the recipient. This will depend on the recipient’s state of development and ability to let go/release old habits and belief systems.

Master healers do not work alone. They bring in groups and individual spirit entities to help in the work. The group of spirit beings present will vary from session to session depending on who the recipient is and what the needs are of the recipient. There will be divine healers present who work with the energy worker and divine healers who work with the recipient. Divine helpers always send loving, supportive healing energies to you, as they strengthen your ability to move forward on your personal path in life.

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Constance Reuschlein Awarded Top Energy Healer of 2019 by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)