What is Lightbody Tailoring?

The NEW healing energies… or Light-body Tailoring!

The energy healing work currently coming thru me tends to be of a form that is:

  • crown_mandalaStretching and expanding the energy bodies
  • Filling the bodies with light of astounding colors and frequencies
  • Bringing in a strong physical grounding and connection to divine source
  • Creating a new resonance with our evolving & growing chakra & template structures
  • Adding special “padding”, “armor”, shape, & texture to areas of our Lightbodies so that we may fulfill our unique purposes WITH GREATER EASE!

Essentially, this work is tailoring our current selves into these new spiritual bodies that are evolving at such a fast pace we have to catch up to them. It’s like getting fitted for a new suit. This tailoring process helps us to move into our true divine purposes much more quickly then struggling on our own!

Lightbody Tailor

This work is truly transformational energy work.
It takes us beyond energy healing, to levels where we can:

  • Take on more responsibilities, and do so with greater ease.
  • View our world thru new eyes and a new mind.
  • Think with our hearts; Feel with our minds, allowing for ease in decision-making.
  • Speak with a voice that only knows authenticity, clarity, and truth.
  • Understand the beauty and significance of silence and allowing.
  • Know when it is time to speak and do so with clear direction, focus and purpose.
  • Plus so much more that I discover thru each unique and transforming session.

So . . . energy healing is no longer about fixing our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Instead it’s about receiving a new spiritual transformation. It’s about receiving divine help thru a conduit to become our authentic selves as quickly as possibly!
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TESTIMONIAL: Your description of my changing DNA…sent shivers down my spine. A while back, I accepted that I am carrying forth a lot of feelings and emotions from long ago. I went to a regression to past lives, with a woman who does it with the help of Angels (reading about the angelic celebration in your report was FANTASTIC) A lot came out there……………my fear of loving, my feelings of anger, my fear of abandonment, my trouble trusting………. It sounds silly, but she taught me how to “pray”, how to “ask”………….I really didn’t know how…..and that’s another thing I’ve been doing all the time………… So, when I read what you said about removing the old to make room for the new, I felt that it really is working, that those past registers are being replaced by new ones…… How to explain…and it is the second time it happens with you. It’s as if I realize I need an operation and I receive instruction on how to prep for it. The pre-op doctor tells me how I must prep, “change my diet, do such and such exercises, read this and that book, take such and such pills” and I do all this work…and then on THE DAY, I go to you, Connie my Divine Doctor and you perform the surgery,……. And with that surgery, you tie all loose strings together, you “seal the deal” I KNOW it’s always ongoing work, but you somehow seal closure on one stage allowing for the next to begin……….
A.C., Mexico City, Sept 2011

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Constance Reuschlein Awarded Top Energy Healer of 2019 by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)