Thank you for your wonderful energy work and sharing your wisdom with me! I’m excited to see how this new energy manifests in my life. I woke up this morning with such peace in my heart….such a gift!
Robin B.
El Paso, Dec 2018

I believe true healing comes from being in balance: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Part of this healing is doing energy work as well. Seeking after this energetic healing, is when I found Connie. I knew my physical discomfort were emotions trapped in my body. In addition, I knew I had to release all those trapped emotions so that I could begin to heal. Upon arrival of our session, Connie and I agreed that I really didn’t need to know what was causing the discomfort, all I needed to know was that it needed to be released. As Connie worked on me, she explained to me what she saw and asked me questions to help guide me along this energy healing journey. During our session and part of the healing, she helped me connect with a past relationship that was hindering my movement forward. This allowed me to put closure and send love and positive energy towards this unfinished relationship, giving me the ability to move forward. Beautifully balancing my energy, Connie finished the healing session. This session left me with peace and understanding. A beautiful calm has come over me after the work Connie did. The days that followed proved to be very enlightening for me. Previous situations that used to make me anxious and worried, now I have acceptance and peace. Connie’s work is magnificent! She is such a loving and gentle soul!

At a previous session with Connie, she had explained that sometimes the changes are subtle and then you realize one day, “Hey, I’m not all worked up about that anymore.” Or “Hmmm, I handled that situation a lot calmer.” Since I started working with Connie, I find that happens to me more and more. The work that she does has helped to free me of those old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me. It’s as if I can see things with new eyes, new perspectives…and that is surely a great way to experience life! I thank Connie for helping me to energetically release those things that keep me back from enjoying life to the fullest!
Letty Salas
El Paso, Dec 2017

Hello Connie, I just wanted to follow up with you. Since my session, I have felt better. I feel a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I’ll be honest, I went to you with an open heart and mind. After my session, I felt somewhat different. I kept trying to look for signs of what I might expect. Although, I was hopeful; I was still a bit skeptical.  However,  I truly feel enlightened.  I honestly believe the session I had helped me realize I am blessed, I am loved and most of all I have a lot of love to give. It’s just about taking things one step at a time, day by day.  Thank you,  for your kind words of encouragement, thank you for comforting me even though I barely said a word. Thank you, for opening my chakras. Thank you, for everything.
Yvette P.
El Paso, Nov 2017

Ma’am, Thank you so much.  I do not have the words to express how that session went and what it has done for me and my family.  It has been nothing but positive outcomes because of this session.  We will be back.  Thank you.
R.L., Midland, TX,  May 2017

HI Connie!
Thank you so very much! I am feeling WONDERFUL TODAY! Please know how much I love and adore you..and how FUN you are! Always grateful to you, dear sweet friend! hugs
Lisa V.
Deming NM, Jan 2017

I have been meditating and practicing spirituality for roughly 10 years. I have never seen anyone come close to Connie’s marvelous healing abilities. I have been going to her for 3 years for both in-house and distant healing sessions. I have enjoyed every one of her sessions and each have greatly healed or resolved an issue for me. They have helped me in all aspects of my life and healed various emotional, mental, physical problems and financial issues. I would highly recommend her healing sessions to all!!!  Thank you so much Connie!!!
Huntsville, Alabama, May 2015


Dear Connie,
There are no words to describe the gratitude that I feel towards you for today. I feel very calm and I’m okay for the first time in months. I feel balanced and at peace. I began writing this afternoon what I was going to say to the [committee]. I’m at peace because at least I will be heard. You helped me change my life today! I look forward to working with you in the future. Warmly,
Veronica D.
El Paso, Nov 2014

“…I was enrolled at USM for spiritual psychology and the work we were doing in class was bringing up so much gunk. Your session was very powerful in helping me clear that and get back to my healing work with others. I remember you telling me that there was a giant cobalt blue crystal in my heart, (my favorite color) . . .”
Dawnmarie Presley, Dawnmarie Presley, C. Ht. – say yes to your dreams
Los Angeles, 2013

WOW, Connie, WOW! I have had several warnings in the past 6 months about this dark energy within me. I need to read this again once my hectic day is done, to fully embrace it, digest it, understand it… I am so grateful, so thankful for the light you have sent my way, words cannot express the depth of my feelings just now………
Mexico City, Dec 2009

More from Androna . . .
Hi Connie,
Many things have happened since [the first distance healing with you]… I very strongly feel the work with you is fundamental…
[After this second session with you], and not immediately, but 2 days later, things began to shift… I woke up, went for a walk as the sun was rising. I was one with everyting. It was like I could hear the leaves breathing, as if I could understand the songs of the birds. I was not so much walking as gliding. Everything dazzled me, it usually does in nature, but this time it was breathing, I was breathing with it. It was like looking at everything with a magical set of eyes. And my soul… my head was one with my heart, accepting, observing, refusing to gripe and blame and be in discord… it just was. It is like I have finally embraced my intuition /gut /soul /heart /third eye… I don’t know what to call it, but I have listened, observed and felt myself, and like you so wisely say, the miracles come in little hidden things, but I am begging to recognize them, and it fills me with joy and warmth and hope….
I am now ready, truly ready, to begin this journey of discovery, to find and embrace my mission in life, to share, to heal, to be a part of, as you wisely say, this evolution of mankind. I have so much to be grateful for, amongst all that is you. Thank you Connie, and I hope one day we will meet.
Mexico City, Dec 2010

I have been working hard and have been feeling the benefits, but after this last session with you, it’s been elevated a thousand fold………… And today, for the first time ever and with the conviction of every cell in my body, of very energy of every vibration…………I can truly feel that I am part of the whole, of the divine, I am accompanied every step of the way, I am not alone, and this is not just in moments, this feeling is there with every breath I take……………  And I now relate with true and open love, with true compassion, that compassion which allows you to recognize yourself in all other beings, and it’s being returned to me with extraordinary generosity………
Mexico City, Sept 2011

Connie is filled with light and has a true, authentic spirit as a lightworker!  She can easily tune into your body on many levels and heal with light and love.  She has compassion and understanding and patience.  She has many gifts and has studied many things in this life, but I think her true gifts came in with her and are a part of her soul and have been for many lifetimes.  She offers many different classes and healing opportunities that I would recommend to anyone on the healing path!
Suzanne Dann, Sacred Healing Light
Sedona, AZ

Dear Connie, I saw your lovely comment on Suzanne Dann’s site. So I clicked on your site and straight away felt a beautiful energy fill my aura that cleared my mind and body!! I’ve never felt that before. I am a healer / medium / reflexologist starting up my own business. Everything is great with my path exept I find the grounding so hard & often feel drained. I wondered if your distance healing could help me with the grounding issues I have? …… [after distance healing] ….. Hi Connie, Thank you so much for the lovely response. I knew you had emailed me as I felt your contact while I stood in a post office! I’m truly grateful for your help.
Lorraine M.
United Kingdom

Connie, when I came in to see you I was really stress out, exhausted, and kind of sad. But by the time the session ended, I felt calm and peaceful, and at the same time I felt full of energy and so happy! How do you do that?
El Paso, TX

Hi Connie, Thank you so much for hosting these wonderful Healing Circle events and thanks so much for having me. It was a great, transformative experience for me. I heard from [friends in attendance…] that they made a lot of healing progress from what you did! I met a lot of nice people and it’s so cool to see all this energy. I feel like before, this little yellow spark that was me was hidden in this physical and emotional mass that is my body, and now… after the Healing Circle I feel like I am the yellow energy (solar plexus) — that my whole being is that energy! Thank you!!!
Mariasha A.
El Paso, TX

Yesterday, I had a full spectrum energy session with Connie.  I am recently widowed and am trying to redirect my life on a more spiritual path as an energetic healer. I have had a daily pulse rate of 123 – 138 for the past year. Connie wowed me! After my session, my pulse dropped to 87.  My future path came into clarity for me. I felt energized and at peace, ready to move forward in my life.  Thank you, Connie.
Gail T.
El Paso, TX

Connie, I want to say thank you so much for the great meditation and the therapy in your home [Healing Circle group]. I felt filled with a lot of energy, and I felt wonderful in my body. Emotionally and spiritually it was very special for me. When I was in meditation, I did not want it to finish because I felt something wonderful was coming to me. Thank’s again!
Elida V.
El Paso, TX

Connie, I am so grateful that you shared your unique healing gifts with me. The experience was amazing! You intuitively cleansed, energized and calmed all levels of my being! I felt lifted up in so many areas. Your use of tone cleared mental debris and was amazingly soothing. Toward the end of our session, I saw ribbons of color encasing my body as if the DNA strands were actually healing on a level I had only read about (Dr Bruce Lipton, “The Biology of Belief”) but never experienced! I was then encased in a beautiful protective shield. Thank you seems inadequate!
Cheryl F.
El Paso, TX

There are several ways to the light but only one light and Connie has helped me on my journey to find the light! Through her energy work, Connie has supported me in accessing sacred healing energies available to all of us and she uses this sacred energy to heal self and others. I recommend Connie’s Chakra and Energy-Body Healing work to anyone that is serious about moving towards the light and helping others move towards the light.
Melanie H.
Converse, TX

Hi Connie, I received the MP3 and the pdf’s. The recording is so beautiful! Your toning gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. You truly have a great gift. It’s amazing that the guides knew to concentrate on the left side of my mouth (that’s where the gums are the most swollen). I was surprised that you picked up my job by scanning my thigh…how awesome! The other things you picked up on were on point as well. Thanks so much for the session!
A.I. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey! Doing well. I have noticed many changes, I’ve been able to be in the present moment more, I’ve had many moments throughout the day of random burst of pure joy. Also have had more events of synchronicity. I’ve also been drawn to spiritual books and passages “Oneness” by Rasha has been amazing. Oh, and things with my boss are waaay better!
J.A., Alabama

Dear Connie,
Yesterday was the most intense healing experience I’ve ever had. I cannot thank you enough. I felt like sleeping on the air :)… it was mostly like I was awake while sleeping. I guess that I experienced my first astral journey last night. When I returned to my body there was really really deep pain in my teeth. I don’t know what was that. It was like a work happening in my mouth like at a dentist… Pain ended soon after… Your unique colorful light work is really really wonderful! I feel very light, peaceful and love. Thank you very very much…
Sending so much love and blessings to your gentle, loving and dearest soul,
Dilara, Kahramanmaras, Turkey

Response to Dilara:
What a wonderful experience!
During healing, you are taken into the Theta Wave state, which is deeply relaxing and is the space where healing takes place.

I had forgotten that much jaw and teeth work was being done on you. Probably a combination of traumas from this life and past lives. It is fairly common to have healing work done on the jaws and teeth.  ~ Connie

This time I felt quite different sensations. I felt strong vibrations around my heart center and my back. That was great! My left shoulder’s pain has gone after session! ….My relationships is going much better in last days. My most annoying relationships till now are becoming fun and we are started learning to accept each other as we are! 🙂
Connie, your healing energy work is really life changing! And your guidings and teachings have been deeply touching to my life. Thank you so much…
Sending to you love and blessings,
Dilara, Kahramanmaras, Turkey

…. I am very thankful to you for your help, healing and advice. You are the most amazing healer I have ever worked with.
Love and regards,
A.T., Santa Clara, CA

Connie, I was very depressed. I could barely walk or do anything.  Last Saturday [after the distance session] I felt strong, alert and full of life. During the last two months my sister and I were struggling with this depression and lack of energy.  I hope that her session with you will be as good as it was for me. I appreciate your work very much.
[From a later note] ….At the first time I don’t understand the word regret. But yes I have many thing that I feel sorry about. I need to accept some things that happened and I can’t do anything about it.
You are really good.  My sister and I are talking about do a session every two month.
A.R.U. Tampa Florida

Wow Connie, this [after session write-up] is wonderful! It is really unique. Can’t wait to read it again later after work to really focus on it. Thanks so much. It’s more than I expected…[later]…….That cord you removed from the back of my heart – Usually I have a slightly sore spot on my spine right there by my heart and had been wondering why. Just noticed it is gone. Maybe it was the cord…  Wow.. nice! :))
Thanks again!
Jen, Tijuana, Mexico

Thanks so much! Whatever you did took my sales job from stagnant and boring to suddenly having a burst of high commission sales! Plus my website (where I sell other stuff) has now been sending me “You’ve got Money” messages!
Anna, San Diego, CA

Connie, you were RIGHT ON when you told me what you found in my energy field. You somehow knew the root of my problem without my telling you about it! I was avoiding dealing with it, and just making excuses for myself. Your work and guidance on the phone has allowed me to make a HUGE shift in my perspective, beliefs, and how I feel about myself.
Sonia, California

Just a quick thank you again for your long distance work on myself.  Thank you SO much for sharing with me today.  My Aunt was coming through loud and clear.  And, many things you shared were right on.  About a half hour after we spoke, we had a “freak” 5 minute rain shower and when that passed through the area, the sun came out and a very bright, beautiful rainbow appeared over the trees and towards downtown Madison.  I knew then, that my Aunt had made it to the other side.
Suzi, Wisconsin

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