What to Expect DURING a Session?

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Sessions are always playful, lighthearted, and positive!  While working on you, I explain what your chakras and energy fields are telling me.  This is a very fascinating process.

First half of the session is spent clearing  and gently expanding your chakras. This helps to open you to greater potentials, inspirations, and opportunities.

During the second half, I perform a full-body scan of your etheric templateStagnant, dense, blocked energies get released, and are then replaced by highly Divine light frequencies. This final phase is often a totally new sensation for the client!

What to Expect during a Session?  . . . see FAQ for more info

  • EXPLANATION of what your chakras and bodies are telling me. (No right or wrong, no judgement… just telling you what I notice.)
  • OPENING /Clearing/ Balancing/Expanding of your chakras, allowing movement into higher possibilities and awakening dormant potentials.
  • SCANNING the body and moving out dense, blocked, stagnant energy frequencies.
  • REPLACING those old energies with high frequencies of Divine Light and new perceptions.
  • BALANCING the masculine and feminine parts of self.
  • blue gemREAWAKENING “dormant” DNA
  • AWAKENING your authenticity (confidence, esteem, assurance, etc.)
  • SESSION ENDS with you in a state of deep relaxation

Private sessions may include:

o Grief Clearing
o Career Building
o Release of Genetic Patterns and Programming
o Release of Current and Past-Life Traumas

What to Expect AFTER a Session?

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Constance Reuschlein Awarded Top Energy Healer of 2019 by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)