What to Expect AFTER a Session?

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Pay attention to what is different. You may notice that colors and textures are richer, your food tastes more appealing, and smells are stronger. Also pay attention to the “little miracles” & how your life begins to flow again with synchronicities & ease.

third_eye_artYou may notice you suddenly have these “aha!” moments where you suddenly just know something to be true, even though no one told you, you haven’t read it. You just KNOW that it is YOUR TRUTH from the depth of your being! That is the download of Divine Wisdom. It reveals itself in “little packets”.

When you receive light-body work, you become filled with higher vibrations of light… even in your physical body. It takes time for the physical body to adjust to the new elevated sensations.

The “ascension symptoms” that you might experience include the following:
Fatigue, achey joints or bones (especially in legs), hyperventilation, heart palpitations, light dizziness, high-pitched ringing in the ears, a desire to eat but can’t seem to “fill the void”… to name a few. You may experience some of these or none at all.

We are all evolving at a very fast pace now. Remember to BE KIND, GENTLE and TENDER with yourself. Being human takes tremendous courage! Pamper yourself with love and recognition of who you truly are… a beautiful being of light!

rebirth*Expect these new energies to take about four days to calibrate. After the euphoria leaves, know that you have truly moved up a step in consciousness. You may feel the same as before but you have changed! It may take a few months for you to realize you are handling challenges and diffficulties differently. These discoveries of self are very exciting!

Feel free to call with concerns. I am available to support you through the process of balance, growth, and attunement to your spiritual anatomy.

With love and lightness of being,

Connie, The Lightbody Tailor

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