The Art of Discernment & Emotional Neutrality

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The Art of Discernment & Emotional Neutrality

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Mastering these techniques helps us reach our rightful evolution into higher planes of consciousness.

As Lightworkers, we must continually strive to reach for and remain in higher frequencies of light and energy. To Live in the Light requires constant vigilance of our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions until it becomes a natural habit. Paying attention to how we think and respond to our external world, and putting forth the effort to remove judgment from our perceptions and reactions, rewards us with strength of character. Practicing non-judgment builds integrity, clarity and courage in daily life!

As humans, it is far easier to be drawn to and partake in lower frequency energies. We may say, “But I want nothing to do with the violence and abuse that occurs in our world.” Violence, cruelty, etc. are the most blatant of the lower energies, with FEAR at the root of all the lower energies. But even gossip and getting sucked into drama and hysteria on a regular basis, are lower frequency energies.

Lightbody Tailor Distance HealingEvery time we react to situations with anger, bitterness, confusion, fear, judgment, etc., we are drawing ourselves toward lower frequencies, and in turn, giving those lower frequency energies additional powers to grow, strengthen, and reach toward the critical mass consciousness needed to control us and keep us from our rightful evolution into higher planes of consciousness.

One may ask, “But how else am I to react to the horrors, atrocities, and other cruelties and deceit committed on this planet? It does anger and frighten me! And it fills me with discouragement and apathy.”

The fear we are bombarded with by external forces CAN be overcome. But to change as a community, a state, a country, a continent, and a world, we must first change as individuals. We do this by changing our perception.

Begin by following these simple steps:

  1. Learn to DISCERN (or filter) what information we take in.
  2. Learn to NEUTRALIZE our EMOTIONS.

By mastering both discernment and emotional neutrality, we weaken and defuse those powers (lower frequencies) that are holding us back on the ethereal planes.

But how do we discern and neutralize our emotions?


treeDISCERNMENT is that ability to intuitively know within one’s whole being what is appropriate for one’s healthy survival and growth . . . with consideration for what is appropriate for all those involved (for the good of the whole).

DISCERNMENT is not judgment! It is not deciding what is right and wrong for others. DISCERNMENT is a personal and intimate awareness of what is correct for oneself. Discernment creates integrity. Discernment creates an integrated person. Discernment requires clarity, courage, and self-honesty. It requires trust in oneself, and trust in the Universe.

On the ethereal planes, discernment is our filtration system. It allows into our spiritual bodies (aura fields) that which is appropriate at this point in time. This filtration system works on a higher consciousness level. It does not need our mind or emotions to function!

To acquire discernment:

  • Take responsibility for all of your actions (and inactions). Do not fall into a victim role.
  • Speak with clarity and intention. Do not speak to fill “empty space”. Speak with integrity, thoughtfulness, and from the heart.
  • Meld your heart and your mind as one. Learn to “feel with your mind” and “think with your heart”. When you accomplish this task, there will be no conflict in the decision making process, no conflict between your logic and your feelings. Exercise: Envision a golden thread connected to the center of your mind (behind the third eye) and another connected to your high heart center (the thymus gland behind your chest). Pull these two golden threads outward and together so that they meet midway (approximately 12 inches or 30 cm) directly in front of you, (about chin height). At this point, picture the mind and heart merging into one vibrating and pulsating Heart/Mind system.
  • During meditation, bring in Platinum Light. To do this, first practice flooding your core (from center above to center below) with golden-white light. Then flood your whole sphere (four body system) with golden-white light. Once you have learned to comfortably hold the white light, practice this process of flooding the core and sphere with platinum light. If you are sensory, you will feel this light as a cooler, denser, or metallic (like liquid mercury) light. The platinum light will act as an automatic filter of discernment!

Emotional Neutrality

heart-treeEmotional Neutrality is that ability to listen and speak with total calmness. When emotionally neutral, one feels a strong sense of being grounded to the earth, and of speaking from that place of the “melded heart and mind as one”. It is that ability to communicate without using an “emotional plea” to persuade others to our way of thinking. Quality journalism and documentaries are created using emotional neutrality.

Being “emotionally neutral” does not mean you are numb to happiness, sadness or any other emotion. It does mean you are on top of your emotions, with a sense of self-control, not being pulled under by your emotions or over-reacting. An emotionally neutral person chooses when they want to exhibit strong emotion (such as whole-hearted laughter or a resounding anger). Anything involving the arts is best created with a full involvement of chosen emotions. Remember that it is your right to enjoy life to its fullest!

  • Can you take in information without being swayed by strong and intense internal feelings (i.e. anger, resentment, judgment, disappointment, etc)?
  • Can you do the same when you articulate your ideas to others?

A good test to know if you have acquired emotional neutrality is to notice if situations that used to get you “all wound up” still do. Topics such as politics & religion, people behaving rudely or with violence are great testing grounds to measure our emotional reactions.

To acquire emotional neutrality:

  • When confronted with an intense emotion, observe the emotion as if you are feeling it in slow motion. Observe the emotion’s intensity. Observe how it is affecting your body: muscle tension, body temperature, heart rate and pulse, depth and rhythm of your breath, etc.
  • As you observe an emotion and its affect on your system, allow yourself to detach from the emotion. Just observe it as if it belongs to someone else. Imagine that you have no connection to it, no investment in it! This detachment will bring your body responses back to a state of calmness.
  • Every time you feel a strong reaction to an emotion, go thru this process. Then choose whether you want to fully invest in that emotion.

As Pema Chödrön, an American Buddhist nun and author of When Things Fall Apart, would say: “Catch the emotional reaction & drop the story line.” The “catch” is the observation; the “drop” is the detachment.

Pema Chödrön advises us to live in a state of loving-kindness and tenderness-of-heart. Living in accordance with this doctrine is a wonderful way to develop emotional neutrality! Loving-kindness and tenderness-of-heart exist in the realms of higher light frequencies. These qualities create a softness of heart, which produces a profound strengthening of character, a melding of the heart-mind, and a grounding discernment.

* If you have the opportunity to hear Pema Chödrön speak [listen here with Bill Moyers], you will understand this concept of softness of heart simply by listening to the quality and vibration of her voice.

:: Obtaining Discernment and Emotional Neutrality requires practice, practice, and more practice, until it becomes an everyday part of your life!

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