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  • If you haven’t already set up your appointment, TEXT me or leave VOICEMAIL at 915-227-2604.

Healing Sessions

  • Aura Body Manipulation
  • Chakra Cleansing, Clearing
  • Balancing and Energizing

Specialty Sessions

  • Grief Clearing brings relief of sadness & understanding
  • Pre-Op & Post-Op Surgery 

All Classes & Healing Circle

  • Acquire greater knowledge about healing tools & processes available to us by working together

Recommended Reading

Writings by Connie

Taking Quantum Leaps into your Higher State of Being

You can move into higher consciousness and bring balance and harmony into your life on your own, however, having an alternative healer help you move into that state quicker can be a much more enjoyable experience! The process of energy work is very subtle yet profound! Using my unique talents and gifts, I can release

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Our Beautiful Lightbodies

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You are a beautiful, intricately designed being of light! Recently I received a call from a frantic woman, asking me what to do. Someone had told her that her aura was dim. This frightened her.  My response to her was “Nonsense! So what if your aura is dim?”  [Aura: A force that surrounds all people and

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Why Receive Energy Healing?

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When we receive Energy Healing sessions, we elevate the consciousness of our entire being, which in turn brings us to states of joy and a “richness of being”. Here is what happens: During a healing session, denser vibrations (traumas, genetic patterns, stuck energy, etc.) are released or transmuted within our physical, emotional and mental bodies,

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The Art of Discernment & Emotional Neutrality

Mastering these techniques helps us reach our rightful evolution into higher planes of consciousness. As Lightworkers, we must continually strive to reach for and remain in higher frequencies of light and energy. To Live in the Light requires constant vigilance of our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions until it becomes a natural habit. Paying attention to

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Not Finishing What You Start

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I wrote this letter to my Daughter: I was thinking about the statement “Never finishing what one starts” today. I know it bothers you, Anna, to feel that you start things but then do not bring them to completion. When you first mentioned it to me (a few years back), I thought, “Just like me” and

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EGO, move aside! There’s a healing happening

Ego, please help me, don’t hinder! EGO is a tool for our personal development. It is what gives us personal identity and, if kindled with loving tenderness, leads us to strong, healthy self-love and self-esteem.   Our ego gives us a point of perspective within self, it gives us the belief in “self”.  In meditation,

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Jumping Timelines

Here’s a fun experiment to play with! I recently read the channeled material “The Art of Jumping Time Lines” on Tom Kenyon’s website.  According to the channeling, “it is quite possible, indeed it is your birthright, to alter your timeline and the potentials of your life.” I decided to experiment with the Jumping Timelines technique. 

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New Perceptions on Responsibility

One day, while performing a healing session on a client, I was given a divine message I found quite peculiar.  I was told that [her divine guides] were helping her take on GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES, and that she would enjoy this…  I was stunned!  I thought, “Humans don’t normally enjoy taking on MORE responsibility. How could

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New rules, new games, new realities

Life is our playground so lets play in it! From the Healing Circle gathering… Scenario:  A willing recipient is lying on a practitioner table for a real yet also “experimental” healing session.  He has never received healing work prior to this.  Six healers surround him, scanning with eyes and moving hands delicately over his aura

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Doorway in Space

I had an incredible experience this morning! Getting back into the car after running my dog, Bailey Wolf, I remembered that I needed to call my brother, Randy.  I decided, instead, to stop at his office on my way home.  This idea seemed perfectly natural to me, until my logical mind said, “But he’s thousands

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Each session is a profound & unique experience! My sessions offer dramatic transformations… Get ready to take quantum leaps in your spiritual evolution!