Transforming the Lightworker

Want to take your spiritual healing abilities to new levels? Develop greater confidence and playfulness? Or simply re-awaken your healing gifts? This is your opportunity to take leaps in the magical realms of energy medicine. No matter what modality you use, this course will alter you forever!

Discover how to quickly raise your frequency, shift your perception, and evolve your abilities in the healing arts for more profound results! You will learn how to become playful, imaginative and creative with your light/energy/healing work, and how to gently persuade a client’s energy body into being highly receptive. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in and receive healing work.

Expect to release your stagnant, blocked energies, bring your chakras into harmony and balance, have a profound shift in how you feel, and lots of interaction and high frequency laughter thru-out the class! The purpose of this workshop is to create a huge shift in your awareness! Presented by Connie Reuschlein, the Lightbody Tailor, of Austin, TX.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How our Energy-bodies speak to us
  • Keys to profound healing (or What makes a healer REALLY good!)
  • How to easily coax chakras to expand, balance & harmonize energetically
  • Powerful expansive attitudes toward energetic seeing and sensing
  • Results obtained when you remove judgment and mental conjectures
  • Ways to be playful, creative, and imaginative in your healing work
  • How to perform group healing work in beautiful harmony
  • About living in our Multi-Dimensional World (or What is HAPPENING to us?)
Connie Reuschlein

Connie Reuschlein, originally from Madison WI, learned her fundamental healing techniques from a Brazilian healer in the early ’90s. She teaches light-energy healers new ways of perceiving and influencing the client’s energetic anatomy. Her goal is to help energy healers achieve profound results quickly and to help recipients take quantum leaps into their evolving lightbodies, while moving fully into their unique, authentic selves. Connie (aka the Lightbody Tailor) has held workshops in Texas, New Mexico, Wisconsin, and California. Her private distance and in-person healing sessions include teaching and consultations on specific areas of need (career, grief, stress,etc).

This is a 6 to 8 hr workshop. Check current schedule.
Contact Connie to hold a workshop in your area!
Austin, Texas

INTERESTED in Classes? Workshops? Private Sessions? EMAIL Connie at or TEXT 915-227-2604

Constance Reuschlein Awarded Top Energy Healer of 2019 by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)