Workshop Photos

Workshop in Los Angeles

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Photos from two workshops I held in Ontario, CA on Sept 16 & 17, 2011.
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In my transformational Workshops I teach energy healers new ways of perceiving and influencing the client’s energetic anatomy.  My goal is to help energy healers achieve profound results quickly and to help recipients take quantum leaps into their evolving lightbodies, while moving fully into their unique, authentic selves.  Contact me to host a workshop in your area.


…. I am very thankful to you for your help, healing and advice. You are the most amazing healer I have ever worked with.
Love and regards,
A.T., Santa Clara, CA

Thanks so much! Whatever you did took my sales job from stagnant and boring to suddenly having a burst of high commission sales! Plus my website (where I sell other stuff) has now been sending me “You’ve got Money” messages!
Anna, San Diego, CA

Connie, you were RIGHT ON when you told me what you found in my energy field. You somehow knew the root of my problem without my telling you about it! I was avoiding dealing with it, and just making excuses for myself. Your work and guidance  has allowed me to make a HUGE shift in my perspective, beliefs, and how I feel about myself.
Sonia, La Jolla, California

LIGHT Center, El Paso TX

Healing Circle in El Paso,TX

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