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Lightbody Tailor distance healingWhen you can’t be physically present (the preferred method so that you receive immediate feed-back), DISTANCE HEALING WORK is a legitimate option for dramatic transformation of the spiritual body structure, which in turn affects us on the physical, emotional and mental plane

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*It is not necessary for me to perform the distance healing work at a specific time. Distance Healing works outside of our concept of time! After I complete your distance session, I will email your recorded session. This allows you to LAY BACK, RELAX, and LISTEN to the RECORDED session at your convenience. Distance work is as profound as an in-person session!  Clients with strong sensory abilities feel the session while in progress, then again while listening to the recording.

NOTE: Another option is to arrange for you distance session over the phone.

*If we can coordinate a time, we can have a phone session instead of the pre-recorded session.

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]I will need the full name, approximate age (or birthdate), & geographic location of the one requiring healing. Then send me an email with your info.

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Q: Does a distance session help to heal both physical and emotional issues?
A: Healing can work on all levels… physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Q: How long after the session do you send out the results?
A: I record the sessions and email it to you soon after the session so you can listen to repeatedly.

Q: Are repeated sessions needed?
A: Some clients receive one distance healing.  Others find it so profound, they contact me within a few months for another.  Others gift themselves with a once a year distance healing birthday present!


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Hi Connie, I received the MP3 and the pdf’s. The recording is so beautiful! Your toning gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. You truly have a great gift. It’s amazing that the guides knew to concentrate on the left side of my mouth (that’s where the gums are the most swollen). I was surprised that you picked up my job by scanning my thigh…how awesome! The other things you picked up on were on point as well. Thanks so much for the session!
A.I. Fort Lauderdale, FL[/box]

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Hey! Doing well. I have noticed many changes, I’ve been able to be in the present moment more, I’ve had many moments throughout the day of random burst of pure joy. Also have had more events of synchronicity. I’ve also been drawn to spiritual books and passages “Oneness” by Rasha has been amazing. Oh, and things with my boss are waaay better!
J.A., Alabama

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I have been meditating and practicing spirituality for roughly 10 years. I have never seen anyone come close to Connie’s marvelous healing abilities. I have been going to her for 3 years for both in-house and distant healing sessions. I have enjoyed every one of her sessions and each have greatly healed or resolved an issue for me. They have helped me in all aspects of my life and healed various emotional, mental, physical problems and financial issues. I would highly recommend her healing sessions to all!!!  Thank you so much Connie!!!
Brian, Huntsville, Alabama

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Dear Connie,
Yesterday was the most intense healing experience I’ve ever had. I cannot thank you enough. I felt like sleeping on the air :)… it was mostly like I was awake while sleeping. I guess that I experienced my first astral journey last night. When I returned to my body there was really really deep pain in my teeth. I don’t know what was that. It was like a work happening in my mouth like at a dentist… Pain ended soon after… Your unique colorful light work is really really wonderful! I feel very light, peaceful and love. Thank you very very much…
Sending so much love and blessings to your gentle, loving and dearest soul,
Dilara, Kahramanmaras, Turkey

Response to Dilara:
What a wonderful experience!
During healing, you are taken into the Theta Wave state, which is deeply relaxing and is the space where healing takes place.

I had forgotten that much jaw and teeth work was being done on you. Probably a combination of traumas from this life and past lives. It is fairly common to have healing work done on the jaws and teeth.  ~ Connie

This time I felt quite different sensations. I felt strong vibrations around my heart center and my back. That was great! My left shoulder’s pain has gone after session! ….My relationships is going much better in last days. My most annoying relationships till now are becoming fun and we are started learning to accept each other as we are! 🙂
Connie, your healing energy work is really life changing! And your guidings and teachings have been deeply touching to my life. Thank you so much…
Sending to you love and blessings,
Dilara, Kahramanmaras, Turkey

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…. I am very thankful to you for your help, healing and advice. You are the most amazing healer I have ever worked with.
Love and regards,
A.T., Santa Clara, CA

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Connie, I was very depressed. I could barely walk or do anything.  Last Saturday [after the distance session] I felt strong, alert and full of life. During the last two months my sister and I were struggling with this depression and lack of energy.  I hope that her session with you will be as good as it was for me. I appreciate your work very much.
[From a later note] ….At the first time I don’t understand the word regret. But yes I have many thing that I feel sorry about. I need to accept some things that happened and I can’t do anything about it.
You are really good.  My sister and I are talking about do a session every two month.
A.R.U. Tampa Florida[/box]

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Wow Connie, this [after session write-up] is wonderful! It is really unique. Can’t wait to read it again later after work to really focus on it. Thanks so much. It’s more than I expected…[later]…….That cord you removed from the back of my heart – Usually I have a slightly sore spot on my spine right there by my heart and had been wondering why. Just noticed it is gone. Maybe it was the cord…  Wow.. nice! :))
Thanks again!
Jen, Tijuana, Mexico

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Thanks so much! Whatever you did took my sales job from stagnant and boring to suddenly having a burst of high commission sales! Plus my website (where I sell other stuff) has now been sending me “You’ve got Money” messages!
Anna, San Diego, CA

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Connie, you were RIGHT ON when you told me what you found in my energy field. You somehow knew the root of my problem without my telling you about it! I was avoiding dealing with it, and just making excuses for myself. Your work and guidance on the phone has allowed me to make a HUGE shift in my perspective, beliefs, and how I feel about myself.
Sonia, California

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Just a quick thank you again for your long distance work on myself.  Thank you SO much for sharing with me today.  My Aunt was coming through loud and clear.  And, many things you shared were right on.  About a half hour after we spoke, we had a “freak” 5 minute rain shower and when that passed through the area, the sun came out and a very bright, beautiful rainbow appeared over the trees and towards downtown Madison.  I knew then, that my Aunt had made it to the other side.
Suzi, Wisconsin

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WOW, Connie, WOW! I have had several warnings in the past 6 months about this dark energy within me. I need to read this again once my hectic day is done, to fully embrace it, digest it, understand it… I am so grateful, so thankful for the light you have sent my way, words cannot express the depth of my feelings just now………
Androna, Mexico City, 2009

Hi Connie, Many things have happened since [the first distance healing with you]… I very strongly feel the work with you is fundamental…
[After this second session with you], and not immediately, but 2 days later, things began to shift… I woke up, went for a walk as the sun was rising. I was one with everything. It was like I could hear the leaves breathing, as if I could understand the songs of the birds. I was not so much walking as gliding. Everything dazzled me, it usually does in nature, but this time it was breathing, I was breathing with it. It was like looking at everything with a magical set of eyes. And my soul….. my head was one with my heart, accepting, observing, refusing to gripe and blame and be in discord…. it just was. It is like I have finally embraced my intuition/gut/soul/heart/third eye…I don’t know what to call it, but I have listened, observed and felt myself, and like you so wisely say, the miracles come in little hidden things, but I am begging to recognize them, and it fills me with joy and warmth and hope….

I am now ready, truly ready, to begin this journey of discovery, to find and embrace my mission in life, to share, to heal, to be a part of, as you wisely say, this evolution of mankind. I have so much to be grateful for, amongst all that is you. Thank you Connie, and I hope one day we will meet.
Androna, Mexico City, 2010

[Regarding] the fantastic healing session …………. As I was reading it, I too, got hot and tingly………… Gotta tell you, that bit about the wings growing out of my shoulders that you didn’t understand…… For about 10 days prior, I began suffering from terrible back pain, the top of my back, my neck and the top of my shoulders. In fact, on Tuesday morning it was agony, and I was seriously considering going to the doctor, nothing relieved it. I went to work and put it aside……….and it wasn’t until I read your report that it dawned on me that the pain had stopped completely………….
Yes, I have been working hard and have been feeling the benefits, but after this last session with you, it’s been elevated a thousand fold………… And today, for the first time ever and with the conviction of every cell in my body, of every energy of every vibration…………I can truly feel that I am part of the whole, of the divine, I am accompanied every step of the way, I am not alone, and this is not just in moments, this feeling is there with every breath I take………
Androna, Mexico City, 2011

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