Healing Circle

Group Purpose:
Together as a group, we will practice a variety of ways to energetically heal each other. We will acquire greater knowledge about the tools and processes available to us to perform energetic healing work by working together. The Haling Circle will work as a team on an individual. Typically, we will take turns working on each other on the practitioner table.

Group Goal:
To discover what a team healing approach entails. Working as a group, we will find that our abilities are enhanced; we empower and support each other, can learn from each other, and as a group receive direction from our divine helpers.

All healing session information and treatment is CONFIDENTIAL. We are happy to welcome new additions to the group if you are an alternative healer or massage therapist.

❖ Suggested $10 Donation is appreciated to cover rent of the facility.

INTERESTED in Classes? Workshops? Private Sessions? EMAIL Connie at
lightbodytailor@gmail.com or TEXT 915-227-2604

Constance Reuschlein Awarded Top Energy Healer of 2019 by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)