Brainpower to HEARTpower: enter 5D creation :: by Lauren Gorgo

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Brainpower to HEARTpower: enter 5D creation :: by Lauren Gorgo

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I like reading the 5-d Reports posted by Lauren Gorgo.

I would like to share this one  with you because what she says is directly in line with what I notice happening to our aura bodies ~ light bodies ~ energy bodies and what I teach to my clients and in  my classes.


Brainpower to HEARTpower: enter 5D creation

gold heartAugust is notoriously an amplified month…one where we are faced with wielding the conscious use of our creative power, of uniting the spiritual with the material, of balancing our masculine & feminine energies.  On a physical level, we are consumed with increasing pituitary/pineal activations and disorienting downloads that result in deeper union between brain hemispheres…needless to say, we can always count on the Leo sun to pack a solid punch.

This August, however, is something entirely different…like off-the-map different.  So different that I haven’t even been able to really read it.

The reason, according to the the Pleiadian High Council, is because we are pulling into the station of an entirely new cycle of human creation which means even ‘reading energy’ is changing.  We are entering the realm of real-timecreation…of bringing the future into the present instead of re-creating from the past.

Our participation with the universal hologram is changing…we are moving from an era of sheer brainpower to a new creation model that proves our greatest power lives (once dormantly) in our hearts.

fire-heartIt is becoming increasingly more obvious by day that this new energetic is requiring different things from us, and because we are moving heart-first into the new world, our poor little peanuts are really struggling to compute the shift. If you are dealing with more than the usual Leo-dose of spaciness, dizziness, cloudy confusion, mental overload, overwhelm, inability to focus, lack of computation/comprehension, or anything of the sort…congratulations!  You are officially going out. of. your. mind…and fully into your heart.

The old (head-first) construct for creation has officially been flipped over and we are realizing now that we need to ‘do’ things differently in order to successfully utilize our creative power. As a result of the shift, this is going to be a very large part of TWYH’s new direction…learning how to live, co-create, prosper and thrive as fully embodied BEings in the physical world.

Now that we have successfully anchored the divine feminine energy on the planet, we are entering a period of needing to once again balance the divine masculine forces that will structure and stabilize our new earth creations…and we are finishing up all foundational work now, for exactly this reason.

We are also being pumped with a new level of life force never before available to the planet en masse…one that is wildly enhancing our magnetism while simultaneously insisting that we let go of the ways in which we used to “DO”…lest we risk overwhelm.  If we lead with our head-brains here…ie, try to plan or think-out our next steps…it can be paralyzing.  If, however, we follow the rhythm of our heart, which always asks way more from us than we feel capable of 8O …we are home free.

This choice is becoming make or break in every moment now, and I honestly think that’s the whole point to this particular passage between evolutionary cycles.

The eons of inadequate (read: misaligned) use of our brains is not only highlighted right now…exaggerated even…it’s laughable.  Nothing from the head is working as it used to and, in my opinion, the spotlight on this disruption is illuminated so that we can viscerally experience the difference between duality (3D) & unity (5D) creation.

Think of it like this: if you had all the answers to everything available to you at once, how would you proceed?

Cuz this, my friends, is kind of our new-human modus operandi.  

Our brains were originally designed to serve as the search engines to our heart’s (keyword) commands…if we don’t know what’s in our hearts’, our brains don’t know what to compute, what to look for. An unfocused heart will result in an unfocused search…ie, information overload, overwhelm and the inability to make clear choices.  We just aren’t wired that way any more.

It won’t always be as challenging as it is to navigate, we are still just feeling our way thru this powerful upleveling in our human operating system, and somewhat blindly for said reasons.  We are shifting our entire foundation of creation from head to heart…fear to LOVE…separation to unity…ego will to divine will…masculine to feminine…past to present…DOing to BEing…force to magnetism.  The ramifications of which, on a global scale, are incalculable.

Translation: temporary chaos.

And this chaos is palpable.  On the world stage, obviously, but I am also seeing it on the most mundane levels…people grasping for mental clues on how to get things accomplished, but with little ability to “connect” with business as usual. Our connection to the old way of doing things has been cauterized and that means the success of creation now depends solely on our ability to anchor into our heart, trust in its magnetic capacity and be guided by our intuitive promptings…by the intelligence of our new biology and of our felt senses…where our higher self now lives.

Ultimately, clarity of heart (soul) is our magic potion in 5D which means those who have wholed the separation in their lives are soon to witness how effortless and universally supported life can be when we create as LOVE.

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