New rules, new games, new realities

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New rules, new games, new realities

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Life is our playground so lets play in it!

From the Healing Circle gathering…
Scenario:  A willing recipient is lying on a practitioner table for a real yet also “experimental” healing session.  He has never received healing work prior to this.  Six healers surround him, scanning with eyes and moving hands delicately over his aura body, sharing comments of what they discover.

“Jim, I notice depletion in your solar plexus.  How about expanding it?  Just visualize a ball of light growing there.”   And vooom, it is done!  Accomplished before he even has a chance to visualize it.  The intention made it happen instantly.   As a group, we all felt, saw, and/or sensed the solar plexus chakra grow huge really fast.

Workshop-ont-8We discovered we can use this same process (just asking / putting forth the intention) to expand a whole energy field, open and balance the complete chakra system, etc.  We also have the option of asking Jim’s divine guides to assist him in this process, or have his guides do all the work for him.  Please note that the most powerful (or fastest?) results seem to come when the patient/recipient is actively participating.

Although we may not be manifesting our intentions instantaneously in our physical world, we CAN instantly manifest our intentions on the energy bodies and chakra systems!  At least this is what we are discovering during the Healing Circle at Connie’s in El Paso, TX.

We use these Healing Circle gatherings to learn, explore, and share our talents as energy workers.  The purpose is to bring together those who are interested in energy healing (whether they know any healing techniques or not) so that we can all build confidence, knowledge, and support each other thru the processes of transformational growth. Taking turns working on each other (and working on guest recipients), typically on a practitioner’s table, we discover that as we give, we also receive!

silhouetted handsIn an environment of non-judgment, and respect for diversity, we encourage each other to use our imaginations and creativity to get quick and dynamic results for the patient, always doing so under the guidance of a healing professional, while the divine energies flow thru us.

This process of energetic transformation is truly too easy!  The only requirement to participate is to work (play) from your heart center, the place where purity and innocence reside.  This is key, because we are not doing the work.  We are simply channels for the divine energies to flow thru.  This allows a strong connection from the divine to the patient desiring healing.  If we are pure channels, more divine energies can come thru.

As we explore the infinite possibilities to healing, we discovery all kinds of fun things.  For instance, as a group, we are very likely performing different modalities on a recipient at the same time.  This can be like listening to Classical, Rock, and Country music all at once.  Not very pretty!  In one of the earlier gatherings, being the last to receive work on the table, I noticed that there was a variety of energy frequencies or waves coming thru in discord.  It was a bit uncomfortable, but had no ill affects.

So at our next gathering, I said we were going to try a new experiment.  As we began the opening prayer to bring in our divine healing helpers, I asked the divine guides if they would please take our various frequency waves and bring them into harmony and balance, so that the recipient could experience a beautiful symphony. To our delight, we discovered they did just that!

We are now finding that we can go ahead and set up “new rules” to allow the coordination of various modalities and processes to work harmoniously together.  I repeat: We can set up “new rules” to allow various modalities and processes to work harmoniously together!

sunburst2For some of you this may sound shocking due to the teachings of your modality masters.  But please understand that the human race is evolving at such a fast pace, that the old ways of doing things do not necessarily pertain to our current needs in evolution.  The bottom line is that we are all meant to be performing our unique talents together as community, and to keep expanding community to include all of humanity.  To do so requires imagination, and the exploration of our creative ideas and abilities.   No matter what you read here, always follow your own heart, not my words or those of anyone else, in deciding what is appropriate for you, what rings true for you.

New rules, new games, new realities….  

Life is our playground so lets play in it!  Let’s play in it together!

Start treating life as your playground.  As long as our intentions are aligned with our highest good and the good of all concerned, we can do no harm.  The more playful we become in our service to ourselves and humanity, the more light, grace, and love we bring into our world.

Try out the “new rules” experiment for yourself.  Begin by creating news rules for your energy sessions.  As you discover the possibilities, start incorporating new rules into your life as well!   Pay attention to the changes.  Have gratitude for the miracles.

Warning:  Energetic healing experimentation should only be conducted under professional leadership.  The work is very powerful.  So, if careless and uninformed, the results can accidentally cause dis-ease and discomfort to the recipient.

If you do not have access to professional guidance, a good rule to set up for yourself is that you can do no harm.  Then ask your divine guides to fix or filter out any errors done on your part.

Remember, it is use of intention with purity of heart that is key.

Connie Reuschlein, the Lightbody Tailor, offers her Healing Circle once a month at her home in West El Paso.  She recently [2010] learned Matrix Energetics, which has added great depth and imagination to these gatherings and to her own energy work.

Come join in the transformational playground, where you will truly learn to play!  To receive notification of the Healing Circle gatherings, email:

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