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Why Receive Energy Healing?

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Ascension-3456When we receive Energy Healing sessions, we elevate the consciousness of our entire being, which in turn brings us to states of joy and a “richness of being”.

Here is what happens: During a healing session, denser vibrations (traumas, genetic patterns, stuck energy, etc.) are released or transmuted within our physical, emotional and mental bodies, and then released thru our auric field. This allows our body to then take in higher vibrations of divine light. Along with a clearing, balancing, and harmonizing effect on our mind and emotions, this saturation of higher light goes directly into the molecular structure of our physical body.

The body may react to this change with varying discomforts for a few days while the body recalibrates to this new “lightness of being”. (My tendency is to get rushes of anxiety, heart palpitations, fatigue, or sore joints.) This is simply the flushing out or detoxifying process as we release our denser form. During this recalibration, just knowing – or trusting – that this is part of our progression into enlightenment helps us through these temporary discomforts.

We may also feel euphoria during this transformation, but once we stabilize the new energies within ourselves, we begin to feel “normal” again . . . even though we have changed. We have moved into a state of higher consciousness. With this new lightness, our sensory perceptions become richer and more vivid. If our life situations have been stuck or stagnant, we again notice a harmonious flow, along with the joy of coincidences and serendipities.

During continued healing sessions, our more deeply hidden traumas, genetic patterns, karmic burdens, etc., come to the surface for release. We become more and more sensitive to the quick release of deeper and deeper issues. Using the power of our intentions and the appropriateness of the moment, our consciousness continues to expand into states where our perceptions (way of viewing our reality) become more profound. States of great exhilaration and joy begin to consume us! Altered states of consciousness sneak in, allowing us moments of knowing that we are truly “light beings” disguised in flesh. We find ourselves contemplating illusion, detachment from the ego-self, and our astonishing possibilities.

Eventually, as our human body fills with higher and higher frequencies of light, we drop away dis-eases, since disease is too dense to be contained within a high-frequency form. When we reach this stage of lightness, we are manifesting at quantum levels of awareness. We are diving into our infinite pool of consciousness and astonishing possibilities!

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