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Our Beautiful Lightbodies

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You are a beautiful, intricately designed being of light!

Recently I received a call from a frantic woman, asking me what to do. Someone had told her that her aura was dim. This frightened her.  My response to her was “Nonsense! So what if your aura is dim?”  [Aura: A force that surrounds all people and objects, often discernible as a bright glow to one with psychic sensitivity.]

I consider it unprofessional and unethical for a light-worker or person with psychic abilities to make such a statement to a person unless one specifically asks.  Why? Because the above scenario is the likely outcome… FEAR!  And because I honestly do not consider it a big concern if one’s aura is dull, dim, imploded, etc.

angelhalo-trmIf I were to notice your aura as dim, I might ask, “How are you feeling?”  Very likely, the reason for your dim aura is that you had a rough day… or week!  The truth is… our aura/ energy body/ lightbody (whatever you want to call it) is constantly in flux. It expands, implodes, shines, dulls, quiets, bubbles, etc., depending on what is happening this day/week/month.  For example, if one were to suddenly frighten me, my aura would likely implode, as if curling up in a fetal position, just as my physical body might.  It is a protection mechanism and a natural response to fear.  If I am brought to a state of joy, my aura will vastly expand.  When I sleep, my aura becomes compact and close to my body, like a comforting blanket.  Our energy system behaves differently at various times.  This variance is neither good or bad, it is just different, and not to be judged.

Our lightbody is a complex, divinely engineered system.  Simplified, imagine that you are composed of a sphere of light.  This sphere has many layers.  In the center is a blueprint of our physical form.  A sphere of emotions, then a sphere of thoughts, and finally a spiritual sphere surround this. The spiritual sphere is divided up into complex layers as well.

Within our lightbody, we have chakras (energy vortexes connecting into our physical body), which can open, close, shut down, droop, etc. When our chakras are not fully open and “breathing”, our physical body, emotions, and mental health are affected in different ways. Some of the most common affects of improper (not fully flowing) chakra function are fatigue, confusion, apathy, poor health, etc.

When our energy is fully flowing thru us, we become strongly connected to divine (heavenly) energies and earth (planetary) energies.  This, along with opening our chakras to their fullest current potential, helps bring us into a state of harmony, balance, and health on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

The role of the lightworker is to take us toward this state of fully flowing energy by raising our energy frequency (light vibrations) and coaxing this energy flow.  The lightworker is aware that we are all beings of light who have chosen to take on physical form.  Essentially, each of us has slowed the velocity of our lightbodies into physical matter where we can see and touch it in the third dimension.

Lightworkers are not attempting to create lightbodies for us… we already have them!  Instead the lightworker attempts to “remove the veil between heaven and earth” so we can feel/ sense/ see/ and ultimately know at the core of our being that we truly are these beautiful beings of light… and that our physical form is our golden temple to be cherished and cared for. Knowing our life experiences can be extremely challenging, I remind you to always be kind, gentle, and tender with yourself. You are a Beautiful Light-being!

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