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Not Finishing What You Start

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I wrote this letter to my Daughter:

I was thinking about the statement “Never finishing what one starts” today. I know it bothers you, Anna, to feel that you start things but then do not bring them to completion. When you first mentioned it to me (a few years back), I thought, “Just like me” and I likely felt a bit uncomfortable with that part of myself. But now I perceive my life so different.

I now understand that life is not about completion. Instead, it is about having many, many experiences, learning different processes, discovering what we like and don’t like. I don’t believe it is necessary to bring our experiences and experiments to completion. The act of learning and growing from trial and error, then trying something else, and then something else, is the most important part of our life.

Many people do not take risks. They are afraid to take any risk. They live safe boring lives and lack life experiences. They never, ever leave that safety zone.

I prefer to be one who can say, “oh, I tried that… but it wasn’t my thing”. “Thought I could sell botanical products. Spent way too much money tinkering with different formulas and containers, but then realized I wasn’t interested in marketing, or labeling, or packing and shipping. And frankly, I knew nothing about starting such a company.” I still have boxes of supplies from that “failure”. But I love every part of myself that went into that dream of possibility. It helps create the person I am now.

I have discovered something so magnificent in life . . .

Everything we do in life, even if we think it was a waste of time and money, and wonder why we chose to go down that path, becomes an ESSENTIAL piece of our life puzzle! EVERY PIECE is a necessity in creating that whole picture of our life![/box] Later in life you will understand what I mean as you see that “unfinished business” from the past now fits “right here” in your [future] life. It completes a part of your life-puzzle. It is so amazing to watch this process unfold.

So please stop believing there is something wrong with not completing things, or of feeling indecisive about “the length of a purse strap”. Your number one job at this time in your life is raising your children. Anything else you manage to accomplish (or even just start) is the icing on the cake. Allow yourself to have experiences. Allow experimentation. Try new things and enjoy doing them. Don’t concern yourself with the need to make money off what you do. Yes that is a nice bonus, but let go of that goal, and instead create the intention to move deeper into authentic self thru these experiences. As authenticity unfolds, the money just flows to us automatically, because we are living from the heart, living with sincerity.

Mom xxoox

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