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Taking Quantum Leaps into your Higher State of Being

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You can move into higher consciousness and bring balance and harmony into your life on your own, however, having an alternative healer help you move into that state quicker can be a much more enjoyable experience! The process of energy work is very subtle yet profound!

Using my unique talents and gifts, I can release all that stuck stuff from your etheric light form, cleanse it, balance it, and expand it with high frequency vibrations. And I will bring the masculine and feminine within you into balance as well.

But I do so much more than this. I am able to read your chakras and energy fields, and give you info about your essence that is very affirming, self-assuring, and exciting to know. I will teach you what your conscious state needs to understand for your own personal growth on your path into the light.

If you are stuck in grief I can move you thru this very quickly during the session. Your life will change. You will be able to move on with your purpose and your joys.

At the end of your session you will feel so different and so deeply relaxed! You will continue to calibrate your new frequencies over the following few days. You will begin to notice a change in your perceptions. You will notice that you view your world differently, that you handle difficulties with a new awareness.

We are all evolving very quickly now. If you want help taking quantum leaps into your higher state of being, please check out my site and text me at 915-227-2604 to set up your phone or in-person consultation..

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Our Beautiful Lightbodies

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You are a beautiful, intricately designed being of light!

Recently I received a call from a frantic woman, asking me what to do. Someone had told her that her aura was dim. This frightened her.  My response to her was “Nonsense! So what if your aura is dim?”  [Aura: A force that surrounds all people and objects, often discernible as a bright glow to one with psychic sensitivity.]

I consider it unprofessional and unethical for a light-worker or person with psychic abilities to make such a statement to a person unless one specifically asks.  Why? Because the above scenario is the likely outcome… FEAR!  And because I honestly do not consider it a big concern if one’s aura is dull, dim, imploded, etc.

angelhalo-trmIf I were to notice your aura as dim, I might ask, “How are you feeling?”  Very likely, the reason for your dim aura is that you had a rough day… or week!  The truth is… our aura/ energy body/ lightbody (whatever you want to call it) is constantly in flux. It expands, implodes, shines, dulls, quiets, bubbles, etc., depending on what is happening this day/week/month.  For example, if one were to suddenly frighten me, my aura would likely implode, as if curling up in a fetal position, just as my physical body might.  It is a protection mechanism and a natural response to fear.  If I am brought to a state of joy, my aura will vastly expand.  When I sleep, my aura becomes compact and close to my body, like a comforting blanket.  Our energy system behaves differently at various times.  This variance is neither good or bad, it is just different, and not to be judged.

Our lightbody is a complex, divinely engineered system.  Simplified, imagine that you are composed of a sphere of light.  This sphere has many layers.  In the center is a blueprint of our physical form.  A sphere of emotions, then a sphere of thoughts, and finally a spiritual sphere surround this. The spiritual sphere is divided up into complex layers as well.

Within our lightbody, we have chakras (energy vortexes connecting into our physical body), which can open, close, shut down, droop, etc. When our chakras are not fully open and “breathing”, our physical body, emotions, and mental health are affected in different ways. Some of the most common affects of improper (not fully flowing) chakra function are fatigue, confusion, apathy, poor health, etc.

When our energy is fully flowing thru us, we become strongly connected to divine (heavenly) energies and earth (planetary) energies.  This, along with opening our chakras to their fullest current potential, helps bring us into a state of harmony, balance, and health on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

The role of the lightworker is to take us toward this state of fully flowing energy by raising our energy frequency (light vibrations) and coaxing this energy flow.  The lightworker is aware that we are all beings of light who have chosen to take on physical form.  Essentially, each of us has slowed the velocity of our lightbodies into physical matter where we can see and touch it in the third dimension.

Lightworkers are not attempting to create lightbodies for us… we already have them!  Instead the lightworker attempts to “remove the veil between heaven and earth” so we can feel/ sense/ see/ and ultimately know at the core of our being that we truly are these beautiful beings of light… and that our physical form is our golden temple to be cherished and cared for. Knowing our life experiences can be extremely challenging, I remind you to always be kind, gentle, and tender with yourself. You are a Beautiful Light-being!

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Why Receive Energy Healing?

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Ascension-3456When we receive Energy Healing sessions, we elevate the consciousness of our entire being, which in turn brings us to states of joy and a “richness of being”.

Here is what happens: During a healing session, denser vibrations (traumas, genetic patterns, stuck energy, etc.) are released or transmuted within our physical, emotional and mental bodies, and then released thru our auric field. This allows our body to then take in higher vibrations of divine light. Along with a clearing, balancing, and harmonizing effect on our mind and emotions, this saturation of higher light goes directly into the molecular structure of our physical body.

The body may react to this change with varying discomforts for a few days while the body recalibrates to this new “lightness of being”. (My tendency is to get rushes of anxiety, heart palpitations, fatigue, or sore joints.) This is simply the flushing out or detoxifying process as we release our denser form. During this recalibration, just knowing – or trusting – that this is part of our progression into enlightenment helps us through these temporary discomforts.

We may also feel euphoria during this transformation, but once we stabilize the new energies within ourselves, we begin to feel “normal” again . . . even though we have changed. We have moved into a state of higher consciousness. With this new lightness, our sensory perceptions become richer and more vivid. If our life situations have been stuck or stagnant, we again notice a harmonious flow, along with the joy of coincidences and serendipities.

During continued healing sessions, our more deeply hidden traumas, genetic patterns, karmic burdens, etc., come to the surface for release. We become more and more sensitive to the quick release of deeper and deeper issues. Using the power of our intentions and the appropriateness of the moment, our consciousness continues to expand into states where our perceptions (way of viewing our reality) become more profound. States of great exhilaration and joy begin to consume us! Altered states of consciousness sneak in, allowing us moments of knowing that we are truly “light beings” disguised in flesh. We find ourselves contemplating illusion, detachment from the ego-self, and our astonishing possibilities.

Eventually, as our human body fills with higher and higher frequencies of light, we drop away dis-eases, since disease is too dense to be contained within a high-frequency form. When we reach this stage of lightness, we are manifesting at quantum levels of awareness. We are diving into our infinite pool of consciousness and astonishing possibilities!

Connie, the Lightbody Tailor, is available for private in-person or distance healing sessions, group demos, lectures and workshops.

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The Art of Discernment & Emotional Neutrality

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Mastering these techniques helps us reach our rightful evolution into higher planes of consciousness.

As Lightworkers, we must continually strive to reach for and remain in higher frequencies of light and energy. To Live in the Light requires constant vigilance of our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions until it becomes a natural habit. Paying attention to how we think and respond to our external world, and putting forth the effort to remove judgment from our perceptions and reactions, rewards us with strength of character. Practicing non-judgment builds integrity, clarity and courage in daily life!

As humans, it is far easier to be drawn to and partake in lower frequency energies. We may say, “But I want nothing to do with the violence and abuse that occurs in our world.” Violence, cruelty, etc. are the most blatant of the lower energies, with FEAR at the root of all the lower energies. But even gossip and getting sucked into drama and hysteria on a regular basis, are lower frequency energies.

Lightbody Tailor Distance HealingEvery time we react to situations with anger, bitterness, confusion, fear, judgment, etc., we are drawing ourselves toward lower frequencies, and in turn, giving those lower frequency energies additional powers to grow, strengthen, and reach toward the critical mass consciousness needed to control us and keep us from our rightful evolution into higher planes of consciousness.

One may ask, “But how else am I to react to the horrors, atrocities, and other cruelties and deceit committed on this planet? It does anger and frighten me! And it fills me with discouragement and apathy.”

The fear we are bombarded with by external forces CAN be overcome. But to change as a community, a state, a country, a continent, and a world, we must first change as individuals. We do this by changing our perception.

Begin by following these simple steps:

  1. Learn to DISCERN (or filter) what information we take in.
  2. Learn to NEUTRALIZE our EMOTIONS.

By mastering both discernment and emotional neutrality, we weaken and defuse those powers (lower frequencies) that are holding us back on the ethereal planes.

But how do we discern and neutralize our emotions?


treeDISCERNMENT is that ability to intuitively know within one’s whole being what is appropriate for one’s healthy survival and growth . . . with consideration for what is appropriate for all those involved (for the good of the whole).

DISCERNMENT is not judgment! It is not deciding what is right and wrong for others. DISCERNMENT is a personal and intimate awareness of what is correct for oneself. Discernment creates integrity. Discernment creates an integrated person. Discernment requires clarity, courage, and self-honesty. It requires trust in oneself, and trust in the Universe.

On the ethereal planes, discernment is our filtration system. It allows into our spiritual bodies (aura fields) that which is appropriate at this point in time. This filtration system works on a higher consciousness level. It does not need our mind or emotions to function!

To acquire discernment:

  • Take responsibility for all of your actions (and inactions). Do not fall into a victim role.
  • Speak with clarity and intention. Do not speak to fill “empty space”. Speak with integrity, thoughtfulness, and from the heart.
  • Meld your heart and your mind as one. Learn to “feel with your mind” and “think with your heart”. When you accomplish this task, there will be no conflict in the decision making process, no conflict between your logic and your feelings. Exercise: Envision a golden thread connected to the center of your mind (behind the third eye) and another connected to your high heart center (the thymus gland behind your chest). Pull these two golden threads outward and together so that they meet midway (approximately 12 inches or 30 cm) directly in front of you, (about chin height). At this point, picture the mind and heart merging into one vibrating and pulsating Heart/Mind system.
  • During meditation, bring in Platinum Light. To do this, first practice flooding your core (from center above to center below) with golden-white light. Then flood your whole sphere (four body system) with golden-white light. Once you have learned to comfortably hold the white light, practice this process of flooding the core and sphere with platinum light. If you are sensory, you will feel this light as a cooler, denser, or metallic (like liquid mercury) light. The platinum light will act as an automatic filter of discernment!

Emotional Neutrality

heart-treeEmotional Neutrality is that ability to listen and speak with total calmness. When emotionally neutral, one feels a strong sense of being grounded to the earth, and of speaking from that place of the “melded heart and mind as one”. It is that ability to communicate without using an “emotional plea” to persuade others to our way of thinking. Quality journalism and documentaries are created using emotional neutrality.

Being “emotionally neutral” does not mean you are numb to happiness, sadness or any other emotion. It does mean you are on top of your emotions, with a sense of self-control, not being pulled under by your emotions or over-reacting. An emotionally neutral person chooses when they want to exhibit strong emotion (such as whole-hearted laughter or a resounding anger). Anything involving the arts is best created with a full involvement of chosen emotions. Remember that it is your right to enjoy life to its fullest!

  • Can you take in information without being swayed by strong and intense internal feelings (i.e. anger, resentment, judgment, disappointment, etc)?
  • Can you do the same when you articulate your ideas to others?

A good test to know if you have acquired emotional neutrality is to notice if situations that used to get you “all wound up” still do. Topics such as politics & religion, people behaving rudely or with violence are great testing grounds to measure our emotional reactions.

To acquire emotional neutrality:

  • When confronted with an intense emotion, observe the emotion as if you are feeling it in slow motion. Observe the emotion’s intensity. Observe how it is affecting your body: muscle tension, body temperature, heart rate and pulse, depth and rhythm of your breath, etc.
  • As you observe an emotion and its affect on your system, allow yourself to detach from the emotion. Just observe it as if it belongs to someone else. Imagine that you have no connection to it, no investment in it! This detachment will bring your body responses back to a state of calmness.
  • Every time you feel a strong reaction to an emotion, go thru this process. Then choose whether you want to fully invest in that emotion.

As Pema Chödrön, an American Buddhist nun and author of When Things Fall Apart, would say: “Catch the emotional reaction & drop the story line.” The “catch” is the observation; the “drop” is the detachment.

Pema Chödrön advises us to live in a state of loving-kindness and tenderness-of-heart. Living in accordance with this doctrine is a wonderful way to develop emotional neutrality! Loving-kindness and tenderness-of-heart exist in the realms of higher light frequencies. These qualities create a softness of heart, which produces a profound strengthening of character, a melding of the heart-mind, and a grounding discernment.

* If you have the opportunity to hear Pema Chödrön speak [listen here with Bill Moyers], you will understand this concept of softness of heart simply by listening to the quality and vibration of her voice.

:: Obtaining Discernment and Emotional Neutrality requires practice, practice, and more practice, until it becomes an everyday part of your life!

Copyright © 2009 by Constance S. Reuschlein

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Not Finishing What You Start

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I wrote this letter to my Daughter:

I was thinking about the statement “Never finishing what one starts” today. I know it bothers you, Anna, to feel that you start things but then do not bring them to completion. When you first mentioned it to me (a few years back), I thought, “Just like me” and I likely felt a bit uncomfortable with that part of myself. But now I perceive my life so different.

I now understand that life is not about completion. Instead, it is about having many, many experiences, learning different processes, discovering what we like and don’t like. I don’t believe it is necessary to bring our experiences and experiments to completion. The act of learning and growing from trial and error, then trying something else, and then something else, is the most important part of our life.

Many people do not take risks. They are afraid to take any risk. They live safe boring lives and lack life experiences. They never, ever leave that safety zone.

I prefer to be one who can say, “oh, I tried that… but it wasn’t my thing”. “Thought I could sell botanical products. Spent way too much money tinkering with different formulas and containers, but then realized I wasn’t interested in marketing, or labeling, or packing and shipping. And frankly, I knew nothing about starting such a company.” I still have boxes of supplies from that “failure”. But I love every part of myself that went into that dream of possibility. It helps create the person I am now.

I have discovered something so magnificent in life . . .

Everything we do in life, even if we think it was a waste of time and money, and wonder why we chose to go down that path, becomes an ESSENTIAL piece of our life puzzle! EVERY PIECE is a necessity in creating that whole picture of our life![/box] Later in life you will understand what I mean as you see that “unfinished business” from the past now fits “right here” in your [future] life. It completes a part of your life-puzzle. It is so amazing to watch this process unfold.

So please stop believing there is something wrong with not completing things, or of feeling indecisive about “the length of a purse strap”. Your number one job at this time in your life is raising your children. Anything else you manage to accomplish (or even just start) is the icing on the cake. Allow yourself to have experiences. Allow experimentation. Try new things and enjoy doing them. Don’t concern yourself with the need to make money off what you do. Yes that is a nice bonus, but let go of that goal, and instead create the intention to move deeper into authentic self thru these experiences. As authenticity unfolds, the money just flows to us automatically, because we are living from the heart, living with sincerity.

Mom xxoox

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EGO, move aside! There’s a healing happening

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Ego, please help me, don’t hinder!

EGO is a tool for our personal development. It is what gives us personal identity and, if kindled with loving tenderness, leads us to strong, healthy self-love and self-esteem.   Our ego gives us a point of perspective within self, it gives us the belief in “self”.  In meditation, we  experience ego as our window to duality.  It is what creates our vision of black and white, good and bad, right and wrong.  Ego is what creates JUDGEMENT – judgement of ourselves and others.

Without ego we would be self-less.  We would have no judgement. We would not see our self as SELF! That may sound weird, but without ego, we would understand ourselves as beings of energy, light, and love. We would understand our individual physical form, with mind and emotions, as an immense gift — A gift that allows us to create, to dance, and to play in our magnificence with all other “beings of light” (also appearing in physical form).


Peonies are my favorite flowers!

Why do I bring up the subject of EGO?  The ego self, and its effects on energetic healing, fascinates me.  Working with healing energies for self-healing is truly amazing.  I find I am willing to accept whatever is taking place as divine beings work on my etheric bodies, chakras, etc. My ego doesn’t seem to get in the way. However, if I am working on another person, there are times when my ego thinks, “What if my client isn’t feeling or sensing anything happening?  What if he/she is disappointed? Blah blah blah . . . ?”   Essentially, the ego is attempting to drag down ones self-esteem.

Hearing such words within, I (hopefully) allow them to float away.  Healing is NOT something which “the personal-self” or “the ego-self” has control over.  Instead, we are simply allowing our bodies to be channels for pure divine energies to move through and connect to others.

silouhette-ChakrasOur physical form plays an important role in this process.  It acts as a powerful conductor and conduit for the healing taking place.  The movement of a hand, a light touch, a tone vibrated through our vocal cords, or a color, symbol, or word floating through our intuitive mind, all play an important part in this divine process.  Again, the personal-self or ego-self has nothing to do with the healing process!  The client/patient will receive whatever is appropriate.  All that is necessary of the healer is a purity and innocence of heart, and the intent to be a pure channel for the transmission of love, light, and healing energies. The healer refrains from all judgement!

I hope you will consider following this example in all areas of life, not just for the purpose of healing.  Ask your ego to kindly move aside, as you INTEND to see your world without judgement, but instead, as a world of unique and extraordinary diversities — A world where we can allow differences to exist, simply because we have no judgement, no duality thinking!  Without judgement we will truly begin to see each other as being of light.

I am offering us this OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE OURSELVES and change our world . . . one self at a time . . . with loving light!

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Jumping Timelines

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Here’s a fun experiment to play with!

I recently read the channeled material “The Art of Jumping Time Lines” on Tom Kenyon’s website.  According to the channeling, “it is quite possible, indeed it is your birthright, to alter your timeline and the potentials of your life.”

I decided to experiment with the Jumping Timelines technique.  Here is a synopsis of what you do:

How to Jump Timelines (& change your possibilities)

  1.  WILL YOURSELF into the VALUE you want in your life.  (Value = kindness, courage, joy, playfulness, etc.)
  2. WILL YOURSELF into the MATCHING VIBRATION of that value (the feeling state)
  3. LOCK INTO THE FEELING.  Amplify it strengthen it, & have gratitude for it.  (DO NOT WAVER from the desired feeling.)
  4. PERSEVERE in holding onto the vision, the feeling, the new vibration.

kaliedescope* The task here is to be true to your vision while paying attention to what the current reality is showing you. It is not about pretending. It is about facing reality as it presents itself to you while simultaneously holding a higher vision. In other words, you deal with the reality of your life while simultaneously holding the vision of a different life. This is the art.

I first attempted to WILL myself into the value of PROSPERITY, but found that was just “too big” of a value for me to feel and vibrate with.  So, I thought I better find something a bit “smaller”, with a feeling I could easily resonate with.

Interestingly, something came to me out of the blue… BUOYANCY!  Meaning… the ability to bounce back. The ability to endure, persist thru the tough stuff life dishes out.

Buoyancy is easy for me to imagine, sense, and feel.  It’s also a fun value to duplicate!  I remember those soft bouncy balls that I would purchase for my kids at the toy store when they were young.  Those big, soft, colorful balls had such a great boing to them!

So, I WILL myself into the value of buoyancy.  Then I MATCH my vibration to that buoyancy.  Okay, now I feel a part of me is bouncy.  It’s like having resilience with a positive attitude and some endurance.  I LOCK INTO this feeling.  That’s easy for me since I can easily imagine and sense this buoyancy.  And remember, this happens to be a fun feeling for me to duplicate.  Perseverance and gratitude are pretty easy when I choose a value that is fun, have a passion for, or totally believe in.

This process of “jumping timelines and changing my probabilities” is becoming a sort of mantra for me.  It’s becoming second nature to simply sense this buoyancy, and bounce back thru the tough stuff.  In fact, I now allow myself to bounce higher on the rebound!

Experiment with this process for yourself.  Choose a value that is easy for you to sense or imagine.  Choose something that is fun or that brings you a strong drive or that you feel passionate about.  Then remember to be kind and gentle with yourself, and to keep a sense of humor.  Humor alone will help elevate your consciousness into a resonance of new possibilities.

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New Perceptions on Responsibility

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One day, while performing a healing session on a client, I was given a divine message I found quite peculiar.  I was told that [her divine guides] were helping her take on GREATER RESPONSIBILITIES, and that she would enjoy this…  I was stunned!  I thought, “Humans don’t normally enjoy taking on MORE responsibility. How could this be fun?”

door-portal-xThe answer I was given:
“When we say we are helping you take on greater responsibilities, this is what we mean:  We are helping you move fully into your PASSIONS!  Your passions are your JOYS, your unique GIFTS!

“When you move fully into your passions (your unique gifts), you love what you do!  It is easy to delve into learning more about it, practicing it, becoming an expert at it!  The moving fully into it (the passion) is the responsibility!  Do you understand?

Finding your passion is your responsi-bility.  When it is found, you are lifted in JOY.  You over-flow with excitement and love.  The natural result is the desire to share your passion with others!  It is this sharing of your ideas and talent… fruits of your labor… that is your true service to self and humanity! That is GREATER RESPONSIBILITY!  Do what you love and the responsibility is easy.

When we think responsibility, we tend to think of the hard drudge that we don’t want to do, but have to do.  But this is not so.  Flip this perception into a knowing that true responsibility is simply moving into joy, and then sharing it with others.

It is our responsibility to discover our PASSIONS… what brings us JOY… what really tickles our fancy!  When we discover what this is, we find ourselves so consumed with curiosity and delight in this process of discovery, we begin to research it, learn about it, draw it to us, and practice/ practice / practice it… until we get better and better at what we love DOING, what we love BECOMING, what we love BEING!  (For truly when we are consumed in this process, we collapse the time-line and are consumed in the NOW, in our BEING-NESS).


Our JOY at the discovery of our passions, creates a process of “over-flow”. Our discovery is so delightful;  we can’t help but over-flow with giving!  Giving of our selves / our knowledge / our unique abilities to others! The ah-hah moment in this process is the discovery that this responsibility of moving into our passions is our TRUE SERVICE to others… it is our GIFT to others… our SHARING with others!

Know that the sharing doesn’t even have to be on the physical level.  The sharing is just being YOU, being your unique self, standing in your authenticity, standing in your power!

The vibrational shift we create thru this BEING-NESS powerfully changes our humanity and our planet.  It happens without struggle. It happens by default of the “critical mass” of consciousness.  So, grab hold of your responsibility with gusto… and BECOME our world reality transformed… with great ease, grace, and joy!

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Brainpower to HEARTpower: enter 5D creation :: by Lauren Gorgo

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I like reading the 5-d Reports posted by Lauren Gorgo.

I would like to share this one  with you because what she says is directly in line with what I notice happening to our aura bodies ~ light bodies ~ energy bodies and what I teach to my clients and in  my classes.


Brainpower to HEARTpower: enter 5D creation

gold heartAugust is notoriously an amplified month…one where we are faced with wielding the conscious use of our creative power, of uniting the spiritual with the material, of balancing our masculine & feminine energies.  On a physical level, we are consumed with increasing pituitary/pineal activations and disorienting downloads that result in deeper union between brain hemispheres…needless to say, we can always count on the Leo sun to pack a solid punch.

This August, however, is something entirely different…like off-the-map different.  So different that I haven’t even been able to really read it.

The reason, according to the the Pleiadian High Council, is because we are pulling into the station of an entirely new cycle of human creation which means even ‘reading energy’ is changing.  We are entering the realm of real-timecreation…of bringing the future into the present instead of re-creating from the past.

Our participation with the universal hologram is changing…we are moving from an era of sheer brainpower to a new creation model that proves our greatest power lives (once dormantly) in our hearts.

fire-heartIt is becoming increasingly more obvious by day that this new energetic is requiring different things from us, and because we are moving heart-first into the new world, our poor little peanuts are really struggling to compute the shift. If you are dealing with more than the usual Leo-dose of spaciness, dizziness, cloudy confusion, mental overload, overwhelm, inability to focus, lack of computation/comprehension, or anything of the sort…congratulations!  You are officially going out. of. your. mind…and fully into your heart.

The old (head-first) construct for creation has officially been flipped over and we are realizing now that we need to ‘do’ things differently in order to successfully utilize our creative power. As a result of the shift, this is going to be a very large part of TWYH’s new direction…learning how to live, co-create, prosper and thrive as fully embodied BEings in the physical world.

Now that we have successfully anchored the divine feminine energy on the planet, we are entering a period of needing to once again balance the divine masculine forces that will structure and stabilize our new earth creations…and we are finishing up all foundational work now, for exactly this reason.

We are also being pumped with a new level of life force never before available to the planet en masse…one that is wildly enhancing our magnetism while simultaneously insisting that we let go of the ways in which we used to “DO”…lest we risk overwhelm.  If we lead with our head-brains here…ie, try to plan or think-out our next steps…it can be paralyzing.  If, however, we follow the rhythm of our heart, which always asks way more from us than we feel capable of 8O …we are home free.

This choice is becoming make or break in every moment now, and I honestly think that’s the whole point to this particular passage between evolutionary cycles.

The eons of inadequate (read: misaligned) use of our brains is not only highlighted right now…exaggerated even…it’s laughable.  Nothing from the head is working as it used to and, in my opinion, the spotlight on this disruption is illuminated so that we can viscerally experience the difference between duality (3D) & unity (5D) creation.

Think of it like this: if you had all the answers to everything available to you at once, how would you proceed?

Cuz this, my friends, is kind of our new-human modus operandi.  

Our brains were originally designed to serve as the search engines to our heart’s (keyword) commands…if we don’t know what’s in our hearts’, our brains don’t know what to compute, what to look for. An unfocused heart will result in an unfocused search…ie, information overload, overwhelm and the inability to make clear choices.  We just aren’t wired that way any more.

It won’t always be as challenging as it is to navigate, we are still just feeling our way thru this powerful upleveling in our human operating system, and somewhat blindly for said reasons.  We are shifting our entire foundation of creation from head to heart…fear to LOVE…separation to unity…ego will to divine will…masculine to feminine…past to present…DOing to BEing…force to magnetism.  The ramifications of which, on a global scale, are incalculable.

Translation: temporary chaos.

And this chaos is palpable.  On the world stage, obviously, but I am also seeing it on the most mundane levels…people grasping for mental clues on how to get things accomplished, but with little ability to “connect” with business as usual. Our connection to the old way of doing things has been cauterized and that means the success of creation now depends solely on our ability to anchor into our heart, trust in its magnetic capacity and be guided by our intuitive promptings…by the intelligence of our new biology and of our felt senses…where our higher self now lives.

Ultimately, clarity of heart (soul) is our magic potion in 5D which means those who have wholed the separation in their lives are soon to witness how effortless and universally supported life can be when we create as LOVE.

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©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2014 All rights reserved.

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Pleiadian’s Channel for 2012

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I want to share the following channel given by Lauren from the Pleiadian High Council.  It is an insightful explanation of what is happening from now thru the 2012…

Transference: the reBirth

Posted by Lauren on Tuesday, November 8, 2011
**Important to note: this transmission is encoded with specific frequencies that the Pleiadian High Council have asked me to distribute to those in resonance. This means that the energy contained within this article will activate, accelerate and/or align you to the Source Code frequencies, those codes that are contained within our God-DNA. As a disclaimer, these frequencies have the potential to greatly accelerate your awakening process and the activation of your divine blueprint.


I am sure most of you are feeling it already, but we are in a pretty profound passage this week and so I have been asked by the Pleiadian High Council…on what they call a special mission of service… to address some things that they feel we would benefit from knowing. Please bear with me as I have not fully integrated this information…which I try to do (at least a little) before I post an update…however, there is a sense of urgency behind this that is forcing me to wing-it. As always, the energy of the article is more important than the words that are preceding our mental comprehension of it all.

11/11/11: Preparation

If I could sum up this entire update in one word, it would be: HUNKERDOWNANDGROUND.
And how.

The PHC came bursting thru the veil yesterday with a preparation message for the 11:11 this week saying that we need to make a conscious effort to stabilize and anchor ourselves in the earth plane because the incoming frequencies are not only powerful, but in the words of the council, are “literally restructuring the physical foundation of your existence with the Source Codes of regeneration.”

“What we would like for you to understand is that the upcoming alignment is the one you have been waiting for…it is ostensibly THE most powerful event of the ages…an adjustment that will enhance your lives in every way.” –PHC

From the perspective of the Pleiadians, the purpose of the 11:11 gateway is to anchor the frontrunners of new humanity both into the crystalline unity grid…the portal to full multidimensional consciousness…and into the heart center (crystalline core) of our planet….that which will precipitate the final integration period, the alignment of the physical body. This unprecedented alignment between the earth and those starbeings/lightworkers ready to be “plugged in” will apparently trigger a great psychic and physical opening that the PHC are coming forth to address.

crystal blue flip“The changes that we speak of are psychic in nature, but also offer you the unique ability to harness the power of earth to propel you out of limitation and into pure love.” –PHC

From what I can understand, this sacred passageway is bringing us into alignment with both the forces of nature (earth), as well as the forces of creation (cosmic), which is not only enabling/activating this heightened sense of perception & pure love that the unseens have been telling us about for so long…but it also the divine dispensation that the ultra-sensitives have been waiting for to balance themselves and be released from the electromagnetic distortions that caused so much suffering for so many years.

“This activation is infusing your biology with the new Source Codes of mastery arriving through the 11:11. These changes can certainly be felt in your cells as feelings of fatigue & detoxification discomfort, however, this particular activation is responsible for addressing the physical body’s connection to the planetary body, and will result in the release from suffering.” –PHC

I am hearing that there will be an adjustment period required to align our bodies with the new frequencies of what they call the 12th level of galactic initiation… but that this will pale in comparison to the journey to get here because of this reconnection to the planet. The PHC are calling this alignment with our mother a kind of “surge protector” in the sense that we will now be safeguarded from the heavy infusions thru the disbursement of these energies thru the planetary grid.

NOTE: For those starseeds/indigos/bluerays who were unable to fully ground into the lower dimensions due to the (sometimes frightening) electromagnetic discordance created from the genetic implants placed within humanity’s lower three body system, I am being asked to specifically to enforce the fact that it is safe now to enter your bodies fully. The planet is prepared for you now and you will be supported.


Apparently up until this point the starseeds/lightworkers/indigos, etc. were the only anchors for this energy which meant we had to channel these ridiculously high frequencies thru our bodies alone, and while spread out all over the world, in order to ground the vibrations of universal love into the planet and assist the earth in her own ascension. We were the acupuncture needles required to open & stimulate the flow of chi through the crystalline grid. But as of the 11:11 and throughout 2012, the earth is aligning with her divine blueprint which means that we are now sharing the “burden” with her, which will of course make all our jobs way less cumbersome.  Gives new meaning to the phrase: many hands make “light” work : ))

“Those at the forefront are embodying the mastery activation codes and distributing them to the rest of humanity thru the shared planetary crystalline grid which is easing the process on both humanity and the great mother. This will be a magnificent change for both the planet and for those at the guild.” -PHC


The PHC say that those at the forefront of new humanity are about to experience “a coming together of unparalleled proportion…a weaving of cosmic intelligence within your earthly bodies that will astound you”…and that we are soon to experience a multidimensional understanding of the forces of intelligence at work, thereby enabling us to realize a great many things never before seen or understood. The visual I am given is that we are turning on our heart-lights, which will illuminate our entire being from the inside-out, disabling our ability to cast shadows as every area of our lives is lit up with clarity and truth.

(BTW, really sorry for that Neil Diamond ditty now spinning on repeat in your head. If it makes you feel any better, that played-out elevator track was inspired by the movie E.T. which, incidentally, is about an extraterrestrial who comes to Earth and is literally dying to leave. i-r-o-n-eeee)

The reason the council is sharing this information is to enlighten us to a process that we will be undergoing that they call transference, which they say is “the energetic transfer of christed intelligence from your higher self to your lower three bodies”. Apparently we will be undergoing this transfer until the 12:12 gateway by which we will receive the final set of activation codes that will enable the integration of our full-body ascension, the manifestation of pure divinity in form.

I am also being told that this process requires our participation…especially between 11/11/11 and 12/12/11…in that we will need to assist in the transfer of information from one body to another…akin to a file transfer on a computer, we will need to ensure the proper routing.

“What we mean is this…as your lower three bodies align with your christed avatar-self you will undergo a temporarily amplified release from dross, an expansion that will catapult you into a heightened state of sensorial-based bliss and clear conscious awareness. Many of you are already beginning to feel these energies enliven you as your cells take on the full radiance of christed-love. Following this climax of sorts, that is to say, the peak of this energy transfusion, you will be required to consciously maintain your temporal existence throughout this period of great expansion.” –PHC

Now, I barely know…on a mental level…what any of that means, other than the fact that the seven sisters have eluded to something like this in the past. Alls I know for certain is that thru this stargate, we need to keep our feet solidly on the ground because if we don’t channel this energy  properly…meaning, into the earth…the PHC say we can be overcome by, get this: feelings of elation. They go on to say that even though it seems contradictory, the feeling of release precipitated by this expansion can be quite ecstatic…and if left unfocused, can result in what they call spiritual detachment. I imagine they are referring to a type of “blissed-out”…the popular escapism so prevalent in new age circles.

It’s hard to say without a doubt, but the feeling I am getting is that this happening is related to all those things the seven sisters have referred to in the past in various ways as: quickening, rapture, light-body expansion, tightening, moment of truth, bestowal of grace,inception, etc.

dark-waveSince I am piecing this together like the rest of us in the front car of this surreal-roller-coaster-of-creation, I am thinking that this transference process follows the “light-body expansion” that the sisters described to us as “an expansion of great realization, an infusion of light/intelligence that supersedes all limited human understanding and occurs at the moment of inception…when the physical body interfaces with the divine body, or the KA”…which sounds pretty similar to what the PHC are saying here.

Actually, the council just confirmed that by saying…“inception is the word that we have used in the past to loosely describe the moment of release from the fear-body …transference is a word we use to describe the process of it…the exchange of christed-intelligence as the spirit body interfaces with the physical body, which is a simultaneously happening. This is the period of dissolution of the mortal body template and the emergence of the divine body template. And this is nothing to fear. Contrary to that, you will take great delight in this passage”.

Whatever is happening or how, I am going on record to say: it’s a big deal.  Luckily, we don’t need the mental understanding to experience it. And experience it we will.

Earth Star Chakra

“These energies are powerful and if not managed properly can cause electrical shortages and feelings of ungroundedness…in extreme cases, flights of fancy.” –PHC

To assist us in grounding ourselves this week and through to the 12/12, the PHC say the 11:11 brings with it a deeper level encodement, activation and opening of our earth-star chakra which will enable a fortified connection to the planet that will offer us reprieve….but that we have to consciously utilize. (Worth mentioning that all this grounding is extra stressful on the spine, feet, legs, knees, lower back, and all corresponding organs/systems related to the root/sacral/plexus chakras. Salt baths, stretching, walks in nature & conscious breathing help a great deal for the physical discomfort, as well as consciously moving the energy out of our bodies and into the earth.)

The only thing that is really required to ground is to hold the awareness of our connection to earth…however, if you feel like that is not enough you can visually move energy through your body and into the planet by visualizing your earth star chakra…which is roughly a foot beneath your feet…and which connects you to the core of earth. This connection acts as our grounding wire and secures our energy body to the earth plane by aligning us with earths elemental energies.

The PHC recommends that we channel these cosmic energies through our crown, down our spine, out thru the soles of our feet and into our earth star chakra which connects us to the core of the planet with a dark silver-brownish cord of light. I, myself, am not a big fan of meditation or visualization or anything really that requires extra-sensory effort, but based on what I am being shown, even I may make use of some visual aids. For those who like to keep it simple, one of my favorite and absurdly easy grounding techniques is what I call “magnet feet”…where I imagine that my feet are magnets that are clamped to the ground by the pull of earth’s metal core.  Tho honestly, I find laughter to be the best remedy…second to that would be cooking or baking or just spending time with loved ones.  I say, whatever works.

Lastly, the council recommends that we begin to hold the awareness of our earth star chakra and connection to the planet’s heart center starting today, thru the 11:11 and for the three days that follow the event. After that…well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Happy reBirthday!

Copyright © 2008-11. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author(s), and that it is distributed freely.

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Kundalini Awakening

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I found this excerpt from a Children of the Sun (COS) newsletter quite fascinating and want to share it with you. Below is a Kundalini Empowerment Meditation Exercise.  [NOTE: This article/meditation is no longer posted on their site.] Click here to listen to the Mp3 from view COS websiteand view images of the pineal gland in the center of the brain.

Dancing in the Kundalini Serpentine Fire

KundaliniIt is the kundalini serpentine power that moves through the pain-body and changes the limbic and emotional response system helping us to transcend our wiring that was built in response to “this old world paradigm.” It’s happening so fast now.

As we do this together from the Crystalline Grid, the very substance of our new I AM Avatar Blueprint has now been drawn in and up, woven throughout our etheric body template as ONE toroidal field of unified light and cosmic consciousness. Feel it happening, because it IS!


We have heard a lot about Kundalini Awakening and the union of the sacred masculine and feminine energies within. In the past, serious aspirants of the Kundalini awakening have engaged in extensive practices such as physical postures, controlled breathing exercises, meditation, chanting and much more to prepare themselves for the awakening.

Fortunately, in this time of the “Great Quickening”, this awakening can be achieved much faster and easier than ever before. Kundalini is a magnificent power and it is imperative that one be prepared for the energy that may be released in such an experience. If one is not ready, it can be like putting too much electricity through a small wire or fuse and you can overload the circuits.

Instantaneous results can be achieved by those who are prepared with a healthy body, an even breath, stabilized mind and balanced emotions. Additionally, the etheric envelope of the body has to be pure before the upgraded DNA configurations can be opened into the physical body matrix. Please understand that some purification can be the result from this Kundalini exercise.

This is why so much attention is being place upon the Sacred Fire as a way to accelerate the deeper purifications, on all levels and layers of our multi-faceted being. When our own etheric body has been constantly held in the Sacred Fire of the merged Platinum Ray at the Cosmic Core, it can more readily take on the light pattern of the Kundalini and Christ expression building our I AM Presence. The body can then more quickly out manifest this in the physical flesh.

As the Kundalini activation permeates the body, a chain reaction is building. This can happen very quickly or slowly depending on the quality of a person’s practice, acceptance and surrender.

THE KUNDALINI PRACTICE (To clarify the audio)

This activation is actually an exercise to begin consciously raising the Kundalini, the divine evolutionary force that enlightens and bestows immortality when activated. Click here to listen to the Mp3 from view COS website

Note: The Kundalini cannot be raised into the Pineal Gland if any of the chakra energy centers have blockages. This exercise, our Crystalline Grid attunements and any personal sessions greatly assist to clear, balance and accelerate the chakra centers.

Empowering the Vision

Within the sacrum at the base of the spine are charged bolts of intelligent liquid fire coiled like a serpent. There is a negative charge stream which can be imagined as a silvery serpent of light, representing feminine energy. Also coiled here in the sacrum is a positively charged bolt of fire, which can be seen as a golden serpent of light, representing masculine energy.

Caduceus Staff

medical_logo_by_vishalThe caduceus is a winged staff, with two serpents, and was carried by the Greek god, Hermes, who is said to be the messenger of the Gods. We are using the Caduceus Staff as the symbol of the entire system of kundalini awakening. This is the central rod of power from which these serpents intertwine, intersecting at the chakras. This column is platinum light which bridges the dual aspects of the serpentine fire into a unified field. At the very top of the staff are wings… representing “winged radiance” from the One who achieves spiritual transcendence. The round ball represents our enlightened Pineal Gland.

In this Kundalini practice, we keep our gaze held within the chakra energy center between the eyebrows, the meditative access point to the Pineal Gland.

Our intention is upon the very quick movement of the kundalini serpentine fire through one long inhale…. up the spine, through the medulla oblongata, to directly reach the Pineal Gland in the center of the brain. It is within the Pineal Gland that we access the “Crystal Palace”.


Assume meditative positioning. Relax the body and release the mind.

Keep the tongue up touching the roof of the month just in front of the teeth and the gaze upward and fixed on that interior 3rd eye.

Place the attention on the breath, from the lower abdomen to the upper chest. Keep focusing on your breath…..inhale and exhale very slowly.

Now, focus your breath at the base of the spine….breathe into and out of your sacrum. As you breathe, see your sacrum expanding and contracting, becoming alive as a rhythmic pulsation.

Keep breathing the sacrum for some moments.

Place your attention upon the serpent energy at the base of the spine inside the sacrum…… make contact with two serpents of light… one is a silvery female, the other is a golden male.


Visualizing the Energy Flow


peacock-baby-swirlTake a very slow, deep inhale. From your sacrum, see the gold and silver serpents energy moving quickly up the central spinal column of platinum light. They wind, uncoiling upwards. See them interweaving around each chakra center. The serpents merge together at the Medulla Oblongata as one unified stream of energy penetrating up into the center of your brain reaching into your pineal gland. Your pineal gland explodes with light. Your entire brain is illuminated. As you reach the top of your inhale, a beam of platinum light surges up and out the crown chakra.


The platinum light that is bursting out of your crown forms a Tube Torus geometry around your entire body. Feel the light particles falling down all around you. Your torodial field is getting brighter, fuller, and ALIVE. Feel your I AM AVATAR blueprint emerging.

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New rules, new games, new realities

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Life is our playground so lets play in it!

From the Healing Circle gathering…
Scenario:  A willing recipient is lying on a practitioner table for a real yet also “experimental” healing session.  He has never received healing work prior to this.  Six healers surround him, scanning with eyes and moving hands delicately over his aura body, sharing comments of what they discover.

“Jim, I notice depletion in your solar plexus.  How about expanding it?  Just visualize a ball of light growing there.”   And vooom, it is done!  Accomplished before he even has a chance to visualize it.  The intention made it happen instantly.   As a group, we all felt, saw, and/or sensed the solar plexus chakra grow huge really fast.

Workshop-ont-8We discovered we can use this same process (just asking / putting forth the intention) to expand a whole energy field, open and balance the complete chakra system, etc.  We also have the option of asking Jim’s divine guides to assist him in this process, or have his guides do all the work for him.  Please note that the most powerful (or fastest?) results seem to come when the patient/recipient is actively participating.

Although we may not be manifesting our intentions instantaneously in our physical world, we CAN instantly manifest our intentions on the energy bodies and chakra systems!  At least this is what we are discovering during the Healing Circle at Connie’s in El Paso, TX.

We use these Healing Circle gatherings to learn, explore, and share our talents as energy workers.  The purpose is to bring together those who are interested in energy healing (whether they know any healing techniques or not) so that we can all build confidence, knowledge, and support each other thru the processes of transformational growth. Taking turns working on each other (and working on guest recipients), typically on a practitioner’s table, we discover that as we give, we also receive!

silhouetted handsIn an environment of non-judgment, and respect for diversity, we encourage each other to use our imaginations and creativity to get quick and dynamic results for the patient, always doing so under the guidance of a healing professional, while the divine energies flow thru us.

This process of energetic transformation is truly too easy!  The only requirement to participate is to work (play) from your heart center, the place where purity and innocence reside.  This is key, because we are not doing the work.  We are simply channels for the divine energies to flow thru.  This allows a strong connection from the divine to the patient desiring healing.  If we are pure channels, more divine energies can come thru.

As we explore the infinite possibilities to healing, we discovery all kinds of fun things.  For instance, as a group, we are very likely performing different modalities on a recipient at the same time.  This can be like listening to Classical, Rock, and Country music all at once.  Not very pretty!  In one of the earlier gatherings, being the last to receive work on the table, I noticed that there was a variety of energy frequencies or waves coming thru in discord.  It was a bit uncomfortable, but had no ill affects.

So at our next gathering, I said we were going to try a new experiment.  As we began the opening prayer to bring in our divine healing helpers, I asked the divine guides if they would please take our various frequency waves and bring them into harmony and balance, so that the recipient could experience a beautiful symphony. To our delight, we discovered they did just that!

We are now finding that we can go ahead and set up “new rules” to allow the coordination of various modalities and processes to work harmoniously together.  I repeat: We can set up “new rules” to allow various modalities and processes to work harmoniously together!

sunburst2For some of you this may sound shocking due to the teachings of your modality masters.  But please understand that the human race is evolving at such a fast pace, that the old ways of doing things do not necessarily pertain to our current needs in evolution.  The bottom line is that we are all meant to be performing our unique talents together as community, and to keep expanding community to include all of humanity.  To do so requires imagination, and the exploration of our creative ideas and abilities.   No matter what you read here, always follow your own heart, not my words or those of anyone else, in deciding what is appropriate for you, what rings true for you.

New rules, new games, new realities….  

Life is our playground so lets play in it!  Let’s play in it together!

Start treating life as your playground.  As long as our intentions are aligned with our highest good and the good of all concerned, we can do no harm.  The more playful we become in our service to ourselves and humanity, the more light, grace, and love we bring into our world.

Try out the “new rules” experiment for yourself.  Begin by creating news rules for your energy sessions.  As you discover the possibilities, start incorporating new rules into your life as well!   Pay attention to the changes.  Have gratitude for the miracles.

Warning:  Energetic healing experimentation should only be conducted under professional leadership.  The work is very powerful.  So, if careless and uninformed, the results can accidentally cause dis-ease and discomfort to the recipient.

If you do not have access to professional guidance, a good rule to set up for yourself is that you can do no harm.  Then ask your divine guides to fix or filter out any errors done on your part.

Remember, it is use of intention with purity of heart that is key.

Connie Reuschlein, the Lightbody Tailor, offers her Healing Circle once a month at her home in West El Paso.  She recently [2010] learned Matrix Energetics, which has added great depth and imagination to these gatherings and to her own energy work.

Come join in the transformational playground, where you will truly learn to play!  To receive notification of the Healing Circle gatherings, email:

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Doorway in Space

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I had an incredible experience this morning!

Getting back into the car after running my dog, Bailey Wolf, I remembered that I needed to call my brother, Randy.  I decided, instead, to stop at his office on my way home.  This idea seemed perfectly natural to me, until my logical mind said, “But he’s thousands of miles away!”

The feeling that came over me next was so amazing.  I felt that if my mind had not disrupted me, that I actually could have, and would have, met up with Randy at his office.  I felt that a part of me knew how to make this quantum leap from my geographic space to his.

But then that logical mind burst that bubble and brought me back down to my everyday reality within my constricting belief systems.  “You can’t see Randy right now.  He’s NOT next door.”  And yet it seemed it had everything to do with him being next door.

door-Portal-2I just have to open that doorway in space, like finding a slit in the grid that is not quite visible, yet it’s there.  Right here.  Right now.  So easy to find and open.  Once done the first time, I could do it again in a snap.  But here I am feeling perplexed.  Like I just missed out on something so profound, so real. I missed finding the doorway.  It’s the art of the quantum leap . . . from here to there . . . in an instant!

What I felt at that moment was the beginning of what we are all evolving into . . . beings who can truly transport ourselves using thought and intention.  I truly believe it is coming!  When?  I can’t answer that.  All that truly exists is this moment. NOW. Everything else (past and future) is memory, desire, and illusion.

INTERESTED in Classes? Workshops? Private Sessions? EMAIL Connie at or TEXT 915-227-2604

Constance Reuschlein Awarded Top Energy Healer of 2019 by International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)